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If you are following my instagram, you would noticed that I held a giveaway in December. I gave a way 3 Lizly What A Love Palette to 3 of my followers. This review was supposed to be up last month but I accidentally selected the wrong date. T_T *typical Sabby* Anyway, it's never too late to share this palette right? :D Lizly What A Love Palette is available in Althea Korea and it is a fast selling eyeshadow palette. It is a compact eyeshadow palette which consists of 6 beautiful shades that is suitable for soft and feminine look.

Top Row (Left - Right) : Lovely Girl,  Lovely Love &  Lovely Heart
Bottom Row (Left - Right) :  Lovely Day,  Lovely Sunset &  Lovely Night

Swatches (From Top to Bottom) :
Lovely Girl   ||   Rose Gold
Lovely Love   ||   Pink with Gold undertone
 Lovely Heart   ||   Burgundy
Lovely Day   ||   Pale brown
Lovely Sunset   ||   Orange with Gold undertone
Lovely Night   ||   Dark Brown

I fell in love at first sight. I love how small and compact it is! A great travelling companion! The colours selection is great for day and night makeup. All of the shades has shimmer particles but it's not too shimmery. It gives the right amount of sheen to the eye makeup. I personally love using this palette as my everyday makeup look because the shades are mostly neutrals except for the burgundy. This eyeshadow palette is really pigmented IF I used my fingers. When I use my makeup brush, the brush could not pick up as much products as I want to so I have to go back in again and again. With this palette, I solely use my fingers to apply the shadow on my eyelids and then I use a blending brush to blend out the harsh edges. My favourite shades in this palette is Lovely Girl, Lovely Heart and Lovely Sunset. They are beautiful! These shadows has a slight fall outs so if you are concern about that, finish your eye makeup first then continue with your base.

I created a soft and feminine look with this palette and I applied a pale pink blush on my cheeks. I did a slight contouring and finish it off with gradient lips. I would go for this look again and again. :P Go visit Althea if you want to get your hands on this palette at only RM41!! Yes, so affordable! :) I would like to say thank you to Althea for sponsoring this giveaway to my followers, thank you so much! :)

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