Have anyone visited the adorable pandas in our national zoo? :D I love it when brands organized their product launch at a venue related to their product. And Nestle did a great job bringing all the media to the Panda Conservatory Centre in Zoo Negara in conjuction of the launch of MAT KOOL Panda Ice Cream! It means that I got to bring Marissa to the zoo too, hehe.

Do you know that MAT KOOL is 20 years old? Seriously! Whenever I see MAT KOOL ice creams, I will always sing it's jingle "Mat Kool, Mat Kool Kawan ku, Mari...." in my head. HAHA no joke! It's about time MAT KOOL has a new friend, and panda is a great choice as it represents warmth, friendliness and cuteness that all related to children. 

Don't you think this too adorable? :D

MAT KOOL Panda is a panda-shaped ice cream with the combination of creamy chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream. It's so creamy and yummy, great ice cream for our hot weather! The best part of this ice cream that it is only RM1.50! :D It's already available so go to the stores new you to try it out, ok? 

How adorable! But I totally get it that they don't want to be photographed and seen by people. I think this is the mother (not sure whether it's Xing Xing or Liang Liang) but the baby panda is Nuan Nuan.

I guess this is the father. HAHA sleep all day long. :D
Can never get a still photo with this one

Don't forget to try out the new MAT KOOL Panda ice cream ok? You can actually get it at 11street ( as well!  For further info, please visit :

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