LOOKBOOK #6 | Cool Weather Appropriate

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Decided to bring this yellow mustard knee length coat during my trip to Cameron Highland a few weeks ago. I wasn't really sure what is the minimum temperature (I was told it's going to be around 18 - 28 degrees) but I know this coat wouldn't be a problem because I actually have worn this coat in KL's weather for so many times. It's neither too thick nor too thin so I guess it's pretty much suitable for any weather. This eye-catching coat is from Lubna, such a versatile piece. An easy way to add some pop of colour in my outfit. I matched with a black jumpsuit from Uniqlo that is so comfortable! I swear I can live in the jumpsuit forever! :D

♥   Lubna coat      Uniqlo jumpsuit      Uniqlo 3/4 basic shirt     Jovian Hijab square shawl     Melissa + Jason Wu Christy   ♥   Klaus Kobec Gold Watch  ♥ 


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