LOOKBOOK #7 | Wild & Feminine Combined

I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but I am obsess with floral printed shawls, like really obsess. This obsession started of somewhere in December last year, or was it November? If you are an avid shawl buyer, you would know that floral prints are 'in' as most of shawls' brands are competing with each other to create the most beautiful floral prints. 

Last year I did a blog post on Lady Qomash shawls and I fell in love with the brand immediately as the owner herself drew these beautiful floral patterns. The one I'm wearing now is one of their latest collection, Wild Fern and this particular shawl is in the code Lime. You might look at the shawl and thinking, how do we style this shawl as the colours combined are pretty intense. The sort-of neon green with deep purple and royal blue and white as base is actually pretty easy to style. Keep your outfits neutrals and pastels, this shawl will be a statement piece of the whole look. 

I decided to keep the look feminine and girly with bell sleeves top in dusty pink with white jeans. A chunky heel made the whole look more put together and the statement clutch is used for an extra touch to complete the overall look.


♥   Helenna Top by Calacara      Lady Qomash Wild Fern Lime shawl      Uniqlo white boyfriend jeans    Aldo statement clutch     Carlo Rino chunky heels   ♥   


Thanks for reading!



  1. Looking pretty Kak Sabby. Pika pakai pun pika lipat hujung dia sebab warna lime dia terang sangat risau muka nampak gelap tapi hari tu tak smepat nak posing OOTD. Ngeee..

  2. Cantik sis pakai tapi saya tak berapa pandai pakai shawl. Hahah.

    -Diari Mummy Muhaimin-

  3. tudung dorg ni mmg cantik pattern dia..suka!



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