Pensonic Chef's Like Campaign 2017

Hey guys! Pensonic Chef's Like Campaign is back for the 4th season! For this season, Pensonic Chef's Like Campaign Live Cooking Tour will be held from April until July at selected dealers' outlets. Come and meet Pensonic Friend, Dato' Chef Haji Ismail during the cooking demonstration and bring home amazing prizes through the contests.  Here's the listing of the location if you are interested to watch the live cooking demo while winning prizes from Pensonic!

Recently I posted on my blog about the Pensonic Facebook contest "We Want You To Be On TV" where the winners got the chance to cook together with Dato' Chef Haji Ismail and a celebrity in the "Chef Ismail Masak Bersama Pensonic 2017".  The 7 winners are chosen among Pensonic consumers who sent in recipes with pictures of steps of the cooking process. For this season,  "Chef Mail Masak Bersama Pensonic 2017" is back in action with awesome collaboration of Malaysian artists such as Mark Adam, Ezuwan Ismail, Amy Mastura, Kilafairy, Kaka Azraff, Azad Jasmin, Fahrin Ahmad, Rita Rudaini, Raja Afiq, Emily Lim, Alan Yun and Amber Chia. Dato' Chef Haji Ismail will be cooking up storm with these celebrities to create tasty dishes.

For this 3rd season, the show is recorded in 8 amazing locations featuring 7 restaurants. Each of the restaurants is different from another as they want to bring in variety in the show. Each of the restaurants specialises in different cuisines such as Korean, Arabic, Nyonya, Balinese, Japanese and Indian. In addition to that, "Tonton & Menang" contest is open to all viewers where they can win amazing prizes, so make sure not to missed any of the episodes. Viewers have the opportunity to grab amazing prizes of Pensonic appliances and also restaurant vouchers by joining the contest. This show was a huge success last season, with the highest number hit a viewership of over 780,000 while 4.7 million viewers watched the program on TV3.

The appliances that Chef Ismail uses in the show is from the Chef's Like range which comprises of a variety of choices. I have a few of the Pensonic Chef's Like Range and I am very happy with how they operated and never giving me any problems! Do you own any of the Pensonic Chef's Like range? How do you feel about them? :)

Okay guys, don't forget to catch the 8 episodes of "Chef Ismail Masak Bersama Pensonic 2017"on TV3 starting 8th of May 2017 which will be aired every Monday from 6pm to 6.30pm. The final episode will be on 3rd July 2017. A special episode will be aired during Ramadan at 10pm on Pensonic Facebook Page as well, so don't miss it!

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