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There are days when I just want to lay on the bed and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Usually, I would come across this kind of feeling when I am too exhausted. The body is aching, sleep deprivation, stress level is increasing and the list goes on. It would be great to just take a break from everything and relax! What better way of relaxing than getting pampered, am I right? 

Welcome to Urban Retreat Spa, the place to be if you need to get away for a couple of hours for a pampering session! I was invited to a body massage session last week in Urban Retreat Spa at the Curve outlet to try out their Lymph Detox Massage. Honestly I was beyond excited because I love massages but I just could never make time for it due to hectic schedules. I think my last body massage was about a year ago. Pretty sad, right? 

Urban Retreat Spa has a variety of menu that you can choose from, depending on the style of massages that you prefer, budget and also duration of time. They also have a Spa Indulgence where you can try selected services at a really good price. You can also find good deals on certain time during the weekdays (11am-3pm) for the Aromatherapy Massage. 

I've heard of Urban Retreat Spa before especially in magazines as they are a well known spa centers due to the numerous awards and recognition that they get. Urban Retreat Spa also has Pregnancy Massage in the menu which is an award winning massage recognized by Bazaar! I never know about this when I was pregnant with Marissa, I will keep this in mind for the next baby. :D I never tried any of their services before hence this was my very first time entering their outlet Curve. I love the relaxing ambiance with the dim lights, soothing music and even the scent of the spa is relaxing! 

As I mentioned earlier, I tried the Lymph Detox Massage where warm aromatic oil is used to stimulate the lymph system. I am the kind of person who would always go for aromatherapy massage because I prefer the soft and gentle touch. I don't go for 'hardcore' type of massage because my pain tolerance is quite low. This is my first time trying out something different so I was a little worried on how I would take on the detox-ing process. My session is 90 minutes and I believe you can opt for 120 minutes as well. Before starting off the body massage, I was taken to an area for a warm foot bath. It felt good, I guess this is done because the foot needs to be clean as the masseuse has to touch them right? 

Then I was lead into this room for my massage. First I need to lay down on my back and the masseuse, Duane (I'm sorry if I butchered her name) started massaging from the lower part of my body and she moved to the upper part. Then I had to faced down and she worked on the back part of my body. Since this is a detox massage, the masseuse needs to put pressure on certain area. When she did the circular pumping movement on the certain area, I felt pain but it is tolerable. I totally understand that they need to put the pressure on the area to ensure that my body is detox-ing. The alternating movement of occasional point pressure and gentle strokes calms me down and made me feel relax and at ease. I kid you not, the moment the massage is over, my body feel super lightweight and I feel like all the twisted knots had been loosen up! I was told that for a couple of day after the detox massage, my urine will be slightly-odoured due to the release of the toxins. I was also advised to drink a lot of water.

After my session is over, I was served with a hot ginger tea to sooth and relax my body which really helps. If you go to body massages and they serve you tea, make sure to drink it because it feels so good! The room where I had my massage is the first establishment of the spa, now Urban Retreat Spa has a new area (next to the first location) which is artfully decorated. 

A room for 2 people

If you want to get rid of the toxins of your body, to have a relaxing time, go ahead and try the Lymph Detox Massage which is priced at RM199 (90 minutes). I most probably will come back and try other massages because I think I need to start doing this regularly. Make sure to make appointment first to avoid disappointment. Oh besides The Curve, Urban Retreat Spa has another outlet in Mont Kiara. :)

Urban Retreat Spa, The Curve
Lot 157, 1st Floor
Contact : 03-77319829 / 012-2217213
Email : curve@urbanretreatspa.com

For more information on Urban Retreat Spa, please visit :

Facebook : Urban Retreat Spa

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