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Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately,  I have been extremely busy and preoccupied with some work and personal life. To be honest with you, I feel absolutely weird for not uploading anything on my blog for the past 10 days! *erkkkk* But I am very active on my Instagram, so do hit the follow button to keep up with my busy life. :)

Anyway, I am starting off this week's review with products from Tanamera especially dedicated to children, Tanamera Kidz range. I've talked about Tanamera's background and some of their products a few months ago, so do click HERE to understand a little bit more about Tanamera's concept and beliefs in producing the best natural products for their consumers. 

Tanamera Kidz range consists of 4 products which are the Shampoo + Body Wash, Body Moisturizer,  Baby Full Body Massage Oil and Baby Spot Massage Oil. All of these products are naturally formulated free from colouring,  perfumes, mineral oil, preservatives SLS/ASL, parabens formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. Rest assured that they are absolutely safe to be used for our children. The main ingredient used in the kids range is essential oils which has been proven to have many benefits.

Tanamera Kidz Shampoo + Body Wash is a good alternative to be used on kids especially those who suffers from skin problems such as sensitive skin and eczema. This is because the ingredients used in this head to toe wash has anti-oxidant , anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help in reducing skin irritation. The ingredients include rosemary extract, gotu kola extract, licorice extract, Japanese knotweed extract, baikal skullcap extract, green tea extract and German chamomile. I love the natural 'herbal' scent of this body wash but don't worry, the scent does not linger on the body. It does not produce as much foam as the typical baby body wash because of the non-existance of the SLS but it is satisfying enough to be able to lather up the body wash. Marissa's has a mild sensitive skin and this body wash works well with her skin. I do not notice any rashes or redness after using this shampoo and body wash. A bottle of 200ml is priced at RM40.80.

Tanamera Kidz Body Moisturizer is a definite favourite of mine in this range. Marissa loves it too because after her bath time, I would apply this body moisturizer all over her body. Somehow whenever I use this body lotion, she would keep still and let me massage her body. The lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave any sticky or greasy residue. This body moisturizer is good for any skin types, especially those with sensitive skin as the ingredients are pretty much the same as the shampoo and body wash with the additional of intensely moisturizing organic virgin coconut oil. Marissa skin's feel soft and supple after the application, love it! Love the calming scent as well! A bottle of 200ml is priced at RM49.50.

Tanamera Baby Full Body Massage Oil is a combination of grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, organic virgin coconut oil, orange essential oil, Cajeput essential oil and May Chang essential oil. The ingredients combined resulted in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. I only use this oil once a week or if I find Marissa's skin a little bit dry. This would be more suitable for babies under (under 12 months) especially new born babies. Body massage is really important as for me, I think this is the best way to bond with your baby. Your baby will love it, trust me. :) You can also use this oil to loosen dry skin on your new born baby's cradle cap and suitable for mommies to treat stretchmarks. I haven't personally tried on myself but looking at the ingredients, it just might work. A bottle of 100ml is priced at RM37.

Tanamera Baby Spot Massage Oil is a wonderful product to ease and comfort your child when she or he has digestive conditions (colic) or any tummy related ache. It consists of ingredients such as palm kernel oil, organic virgin coconut oil, onion, nutmeg, ginger, eucalyptus, garlic, cinnamon, peppermint, turmeric, pepper, clove, citronella, pandan and fennel. 3 essentials oil is included in this oil which are lavender, geranium and tangerine. I used this body spot massage once on Marissa when her tummy feels kind of bloated and she hasn't pooped that day. I used about 2-3 drops, warm up the oil between my palms and massage her abdomen clockwise motion. True enough, an hour after that she actually farted (lol) and pooped right away. :D The oil is quite warm when massaged into the skin, therefore don't put too much on your baby especially for newborn babies. A bottle of 50ml is priced at RM23.80.

I hope this information helps if you want to find natural ingredients products for your kids because personally I love how affordable they are considering they are an all natural ingredients products. For more information on Tanamera, please visit :

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