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I'm not sure if you noticed that I have been posting about DEAR PACKER products on my Instagram for these couple of weeks. When I first got my hands on these products, I am mesmerized with the packaging, absolutely beautiful! DEAR PACKER created their products based on 4 key criteria,  which includes effectiveness of the products, using safe ingredients only, gorgeous designs and amazing scented products. DEAR PACKER is one of the brands sold in Nature Smart store, which carries amazing Korean brands. Other brands include THE FACE SHOP, Beyond, Tomaru, Beyond The Remedy, CNP Laboratory and Makeremake. The first Nature Smart store has just opened in The Spring Mall, Kuching in July 2017, but don't worry, you can always get these brands via online at THE FACE SHOP e-store. I've tried these beautiful products and I want to share my thoughts on them with all of you!

DEAR PACKER has a variety of face sheet masks that you can try, specifically the Jeju Flower face mask which includes ; Cherry Blossom Mask, Camellia Flower Mask and Prickly Pear Mask. Each of the Jeju Flower Mask is priced at RM5.

Jeju Camellia Flower Mask is for those who are looking for a face mask to enhance skin's elasticity and density. Safe to say that this mask locks in all nutritions into the skin and leave the skin feeling elastic, bouncy and smooth. This is a definite weekly treatment for my skin!

Jeju Cherry Blossom Mask is a great option for skin brightening and moisturization. I would say that this is the perfect choice to revive tired and dull skin due to the harsh environment. Polluted air and water, and not to mentioned the harmful UV rays that can damage our skin. I love the after effects, how it install radiance and hydration into my skin. 

Another variant in the Jeju Flower face mask range is the Prickly Pear. For those with sensitive skin, this is a great choice as it helps to sooth and moisturize the skin without any irritation. It also helps to improve skin texture, especially for those with bumpy skin.

Royal Black Tea and Black Rose extract hydrogel mask is an hypoallergenic product that helps to provide moisture and improve skin's vitality. This face mask makes of 35% of black tea and 35% of black rose extract that changes colour during application, which is really cool! Black tea is great for soothing effects while rose extract does wonder for skin's elasticity.

Alaska Glacier Soothing Pack is a face mask to soothe dry and patchy skin, exposed skin (sun damages) and to cool down skin temperature. This Alaska Glacier soothing pack lowers down skin temperature immediately, seriously I can feel it my skin is cooling down. This cooling gel is enriched with 7% of Alaska Glacier water that helps to make my skin feels cooler and comfortable.  This product is FREE from the 5 harmful ingredients ; tar dyes, artificial fragrances, paraben, mineral oils & TEA. I really think that this is a must have item for every Malaysian because let's face it, the weather in Malaysia now is crazy hot and I personally need a product to help me to cool down and sooth my skin. A tub of this mask is priced at RM120 including GST.

I always go for a clay mask treatment when I have a bad skin day. My terminology of a bad skin day is a dusty, blemished, greasy and tremendous large pores peeking through! I'm always in the hunt for clay masks because they are always effective to solve my skin problems. Madagascar Clay Mask main ingredient is the Madagascar Masonjoany clay which is used by native women in Madagascar in their skincare routine. Other ingredients include vanilla bean extract, baobab tree extract, maringa seed oil, madagascar's centella alsatica leaf extract and kaolin. It is FREE from the 5 harmful ingredients ; tar dyes, artificial fragrances, paraben, mineral oils & TEA. I've been using this clay every week now and I simply love how it makes my skin feels the next day. So clean and so soft! 

I really think that it removes all the skin impurities and excessive sebum that's causing these tiny bumps on my face. You can actually use this mask in 3 ways ; as a cleanser (use on a wet face and rinse it off), face mask (apply the mask after cleansing and then remove it after 10 minutes) and as partial face mask (apply on targeted problem area). Love the cooling texture and it does not dry out like other clay mask. I personally love to use it as a full face mask because it gives me the best result. A tub of this mask is priced at RM120 including GST.

Black Ginseng Gold Mask is a sleeping mask to rejuvenate your skin during sleep time. This sleeping mask contains 1000mg of black ginseng to 1mg of gold. The black ginseng particles is abundance  in nutrients and hydration properties. It also helps in anti-aging as it helps to reduce wrinkles, improve skin's elasticity and illuminate the skin with radiance! Other ingredients include pure gold, Vitamin B Complex (Vitamin B3 & B5 - double moisturizing agent and anti-inflammatory), Vetain (builds up moisture), Mushroom extracts (increase skin's elasticity), honey (contains various minerals) and birch resin (skin brightening). It is FREE from the 5 harmful ingredients ; tar dyes, artificial fragrances, paraben, mineral oils & TEA. This sleeping mask does not give me that rich or sticky feeling after application which I love so much! It sinks into the skin quickly and love the cooling feeling as well. Skin feels soft and bouncy on the next day. I pair this face mask with the Madagascar clay mask to get even better result! A tub of this Black Ginseng Gold Mask is priced at RM150 including GST.

I love all the skincare range from DEAR PACKER because they are natural, smells good and effective! My favourite has to be the Madagascar Clay mask and Black Ginseng Gold Mask, these two are must try!!

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