Kleenex Skincare Facial Tissue - Softest Tissue Ever!

It's a fact that we as human are exposed to harsh and harmful environment every single day. Especially if we are living in the city where the number of pollution we have to face is endless! I remember when I was in high school (I studied in BBGS - Bukit Bintang Girls School - which is now known as ever famous Pavilion mall in Bukit Bintang), I would always come back home with dirty 'tudung' and 'baju kurung', just because the air pollution was (still is) so bad! And trust me, our polluted air is not going to get better.

With this reason only, it is one of the culprits that creates problems to our skin. I'm not just talking about direct air contact with the face, it is also because we (normal human) tend to touch our faces more than 350 times a day. Surprise? You shouldn't be! Can you just imagine touching your face with your unclean hand 350 times a day? As scary as it sounds, you have to pay attention to it and take control of the matter!

Kleenex Skincare Facial Tissue is a brand new product that comes with great ingredients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E extracts to give your skin a quick solution to remove the impurities while giving superior softness and cushiony-feel on the skin. It comes in 3-plies (extra strength) with 100% imported Virgin Fiber. There's a reason why it is called "Softest Tissue Ever". ! It is also dermatologist tested. Let's check out this video to find out more about Kleenex Skincare Facial Tissue!

You can now easily take care of your skin, even on-the-go with Kleenex Skincare Facial Tissue! Get it now at Lazada via this link : http://bit.ly/kckleenex

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