Heart To Heart : There Will Be 4

Hi my love. It has been a while since I last poured my heart. *LOL* Honestly I do miss writing this kind of posts but I find myself really hard to do it because of my busy schedule. So.... If you've been following my Instagram, then you must have known that my little family of 3 will have another addition in a couple of weeks, yes I'm pregnant again you guys! :D We are so blessed with this rezeki and Alhamdullilah to the Almighty Allah. :) We are really excited so do brace yourself for a mini Iwan, hehe. Pregnancy has been smooth sailing (no morning sickness) except for the fact that my skin has been acting out with rashes and blemishes, but hey it's gonna be over soon. 

At almost 35 weeks

Truth to be told, we are not completely done with the preparation of the new arrival, I would say we are only at 80%. I've been more of a chilled mom during this second pregnancy and kind of take things slowly, I guess it's because I had this experience before. I didn't really start buying 'baby adik' stuff until the 7+ months into the pregnancy (true story). And besides, we already have all of the big stuff such as baby carrier, stroller, baby cot, etc. We only need to buy a new bathtub, a chest drawer/wardrobe and a few more clothing stuff for 'baby adik'. And I do need to get myself a nipple protector for breastfeeding (I had trauma in my first time breast-feeding). Oh and I do wish that I can fully breastfeed 'baby adik'  for at least 6 months. 

I'm telling you, this second pregnancy is way harder than the first one. And I really think age does play an important aspect on how well you can take on pregnancy. If you are much younger, pregnancy will be easier due to more energy you have. I was 31 years old during my first pregnancy and it was a breeze! I am going into 34 this year and oh boy, what a difference! I got tired even on my first trimester, back pain and such. Anyway it's going to end soon, so yeah, I don't want to complain again and again. *haha*

Anyway, the reason for this post is because I am feeling exhausted and a bit stressed out because Marissa is currently sick with food poisoning. Being heavily pregnant with back ache is not helping, trust me. I get extremely exhausted but you know, being a other is a priority and I need to take care of her with the help of my husband of course. This is her first time experiencing food poisoning and I really do hope she will be 100% well by tomorrow, Insyaallah. She started vomiting around 9.30pm and she vomited quite a number of times. I got really worried and called up my husband and he got home from work around 10.30 - 11pm. We went to the emergency around 12.30 am on Friday (technically Saturday morning) as she keeps on vomiting.  The doctor prescribed some medication but before that, he gave us options whether to admit her into the hospital or to bring her home. We decided to observe her from home and we thought she was getting better.  She was fine on Sunday morning until the evening, and all of a sudden her diarrhoea comes back at night.  :( Gosh I really hope she'll be fine by tomorrow, if not, I guess we need to go back to the hospital.  

I love this girl so much
Get well soon my precious princess

Okay guys, I need to sign off now. It's almost 2.00am and I need to get up early to attend to Marissa and see how she's doing. I actually have so much blog posts and video to do before the baby comes, but I just feel the need to pour out my heart because I'm feeling a bit stressed out and tired. Blogging is always the right outlet for me to feel better. I hope you guys enjoy reading this little update on my life and I guess the next life update will be the birth story of 'baby adik' ! :D *You can read Marissa's birth story here* Take care guys!

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