THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Line and Nokyong Collagen Capsule Cream Review

Hey skincare junkies! Another post on THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam (traditional herbal) skincare line, and this time around is their latest range which is Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Line. I've posted two blog posts on the previous Yehwadam range which are the Yehwadam Revitalizing Line and Yehwadam Pure Brightening Line (click any of these links to read about them). 

Here's a quick intro about these 3 types of Yehwadam range so that you'd understand the function of  each line :
Yehwadam Revitalizing Line : Early prevention for anti-aging
Yehwadam Pure Brightening Line : Anti-aging with brightening effect
Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Line : Restore moisture into dehydrated skin with long-lasting fresh moisture

As for Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Line, the main ingredients is the 'Fresh Flower Water' which consists of 5 types of herb flowers that contains moisturizing effect that re-energize and cool skin with sense of freshness. It also contains the same traditional herbs that can be found in the Revitalizing line such as Korean Ginseng, Safflower and Goji Berry (Gyuwhabang Complex 3) for a revitalized, energized and naturally glowing skin.

 The 5 'Fresh Flower Water' includes :

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Lotus Flower : Relieves and calms stressed skin while holding on to moisture

Safflower : Known as one of the 10 best medicine and restores moisture and cools skin
Peony : Used to treat women's diseases and improve blood circulation
Honeysuckle : Removes impurities and cools skin down for a healthy complexion
Chrysanthemum : Anti-oxidant, soothes skin and purifying effect

Now as you know about the ingredients, let's dive in to find out more about the 2 products that I've tried!


Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid is an all-in-one fluid gel-type lotion that works as toner and lotion. This is to be used after cleansing the face to give continuous freshness and hydration to the skin. I love this step as it saves time because you are doing 2 steps at one time! I love the lightweight texture and the fast absorbtion! It leaves my skin super fresh and soft! I can feel that the product replenish the moisture that had been lost during cleansing and it also soothes the skin while giving my skin a fresh feeling. And I absolutely love the florally fresh scent, it certainly lifts up my mood! A bottle of Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid is retailed at RM135 (140ml) with GST and it is already available in store and via online. 


Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream is a moisturizer to be applied after Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid. The texture of the cream is more towards gel-like consistency, but I personally would say that it feels 'fluffy' as cloud! It absorbs quickly into the skin without any greasy feeling and it does not feel heavy on the skin. This is my favourite texture in any skincare products! Besides being an awesome moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated, it enhances the longevity of the moisturization effect through the existence of Ceramide. With it's Super-moist netwrok system, long-lasting moisture is achievable through the finely structured moisture barrier formulated alongside the traditional herbs included in the cream. I love how soft and hydrated it makes my skin feels, this is a definite must try for those who loves gel-type moisturizer!  

Now you can get Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream Special Gift Set (one jar of 50ml and a tube of 50ml) is priced at RM170 with GST and it is already available in store and via online. 

There is also another product from the range, which is the Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack. But I already reviewed it before, so go read HERE.


Yehwadam Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream is a new addition in the capsule cream family. The previous two capsule cream variants are the White Ginseng and Snow Lotus (you can read my review HERE). This 'golden pearls' is a concentrated lifting care cream that contains Nokyong Collagen infused in a gold capsule to reduce the appearance of 8 aging lines and lift up the skin for  youthful and firmer skin. The ingredients in this capsule cream includes :

Nokyong Collagen is a double functioning ingredient as it provides anti-wrinkle and whitening properties. It will help to reduce the 7 aging lines (forehead, between eyes, eye area, under eyes, laugh lines, lips and neck)

Gold Color Silk to tighten facial contour lines (outer lines of the face, from cheeks to the jaw)

24K Gold shimmering capsules to strengthened sagging skin and delivering concentrated lifting effects. 

Don't you think that these 'golden pearls' looks like dessert? Not gonna lie, they look pretty yummy! :P But this is not edible guys, don't eat it! :D All you need is 2 or 3 capsules for one time use (I use 2 only). How to use it?

Simply put it on the palm of your hand and just squish it (macam penyekkan bedak sejuk :P). As simple as that! The texture is quite thick and I need to really massage it into my skin to get it fully absorbed into my skin. Love that it does not have any herbal-ly scent to it, just a faint floral scent. I love how it gives my skin moisture and I do feel that somehow it makes my skin feels firmer and tighter after a week of usage. 

I used all of the products in this post starting with my Dr. Belmeur cleanser, the Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid, Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule CreamYehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream and at night I would use the Sleeping Pack (2 /3 times a week). And I absolutely love how my skin feels now! I don't have dry skin anymore, and my skin feels soft, bouncy and firmer at the same time! I am loving this combination right now! :)

Just a quick tip to share to all of you on what I do all the time now. I actually mix Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream and Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream both at the same time and apply it on my skin. I really take time massaging the cream into my skin. I would consider this as my 'massage routine' to keep my skin firmer and lifted up. It will feel slightly heavier on the skin, but trust me, it is definitely worth it! Love this combo for a moisturized, supple and firmer skin!

A jar of Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream (50g) is retailed at RM273.37 with GST and it is already available in store and via online.  

I hope you guys enjoy this review, and I absolutely love everything in this post. I am going to stick with this routine for a while I think. :) For more information on these products, please visit :


Thanks for reading!



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