Lola Baba Kids Festival 2018 In October

Mommies and daddies! I am pleased to share an exciting event that will be happening this coming October for the kiddos, Lola Baba Kids Festival 2018! Imagine a weekend with fun-filled activities for the kids and also the parents to reminisce their childhood. Who's up for it? I know I do!

Lola Baba Kids Festival is organized by Eventious Global Sdn. Bhd and they partnered up with Binsabi Event Solution to bring this festival into life. Anyone basically can have fun in this festival as amazing line up of activities such as giant balloons, hot air balloon, sand art, virtual reality, bouncing castle, petting zoo, pony ride, Fun Run, archery, paintball and so much more!

Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi or better known as Pak Nil, is the official ambassador of Lola Baba. There is no need of introduction of who Pak Nil is, he embodies the essence of anything related to kids. His own talk show revolving around children was indeed very popular and close to our hearts. Kids love him and he is the perfect ambassador for Lola & Baba. 

With Pak Nil, I watched him since I was a kid. I love his energy, and how he is so passionate of what he does. A great role model to childrenn

During the press conference, he talked about how kids nowadays are deeply attach to gadgets, which is true honestly. Children are missing out on their childhood, missing out on the fun games that we used to play when were young. So the weekend of Lola & Baba Kids Festival is the perfect getaway for parents to bring their kids to experience fun and play, to be interactive with people rather than stuffing their faces into gadgets. If we as parents do not teach or expose these kind of activities to our kids, the children will never experience the ultimate meaning of childhood.

With Lola & Baba mascots, two cute and chubby black sheeps

Besides the fun activities I mentioned above, this festival has other activities such as culture performance, kids talent show, parenting forum, martial art performance, chess competition, babies fashion show and so much more. Local celebrities such as Amir Raja Lawak, Rosma & Khai, Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will be there as well as animation characters Omar Hana and Didi & Friends. I know kids will surely get excited over this!

There will be 4 zones to cater to all of the programmes and activities during the festival ;

Indoor hall with 260 business space (fully air-conditioned)

Outdoor Arabian tent with 152 business space.

Outdoor space with food stalls and food trucks.

Outdoor activities such as hot air balloons, petting zoo, kid archery, pony ride, bouncing castle and sand art. 

The sponsors of this event include Champs, Pipipau, Siti Khadijah and Grolier while strategic partners include Tateh, Yans, Kenny Rogers Roaster, Eiman Kids, Nedya, Kids Project, Susu Irfan, El-Zahraa Kids, PantangPlus, Little Dariena, Si Chomel Lily, Chak2Baby, House of Kambing,Dhaka Teh Ais, Aiskrim Kedadih, Coway, Bondahaven, Laman Khaira, Axpic, Villapria, HAS Production, HF Consultant, Mibsstudio, EduAsia, Ampac, SFA, Siffra, Ansara, Zawra, UPM and UKM.

Pak Nil with his youngest son, Firdaus Hariz Aznil, the president of Lola Baba Club

300,000 visitors is expected to come to Lola Baba Kids Festival 2018, are you going to be one of them? ;)  So mommies daddies, mark your calendar, tell your kids that they are going to the largest kids festival in Malaysia! :)

DATE : 26, 27 & 28 October 2018
TIME : 10am - 10pm
VENUE : MAEPS, Serdang, Selangor

For more information on Lola Baba Kids Festival, please visit :

Official Website :
Instagram : @lolababa.official

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