World Breastfeeding Week + Tollyjoy Giveaway

My children are everything. I would never think I could love someone endlessly, I never knew being a mother would totally change my perspective on life. It's true you know when people say that you will only understand things once you've become a mother. I believe all mothers want the best for their children. Be it material stuff, education, personal growth and of course nutrition. When we talk about nutrition, everyone knows that the effort of breastfeeding is highly noble and it is a privilege to any mothers that are able to do it.

First photo of Marissa and Eidruce sleeping side by side after I got back from the hospital :')

I managed to breastfeed my children but only for a short period of time. I struggled in my breastfeeding journey, and at times I do feel pressured and stressed out because I was not able to do it longer than I would want to. But of course, I take whatever GOD has given me and feel grateful because at least I had the opportunity to do so in their early months.  Why do mothers feel obliged and important to breastfeed? Because of the amazing benefits a child can get from a mother's milk!

Here are some of the benefits of breastfeeding to a child :
Breast milk has the ideal nutrition for infants with the perfect mix of vitamins, protein and fat. It contains antibodies that helps to fight viruses and bacteria.Meaning the child will have lower risk of allergies and not easy to get sick.
Breastfeeding plays a role in the prevention of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Child who are breastfed are less likely to have ear infection, respiratory infections caused by rotavirus, etc

There are many benefits of breastfeeding, I couldn't possibly right everything down but breastfeeding also helps the mother to connect and bond with her newborn. The skin-to-skin touching experience is something I would definitely cherish because those were time where I feel connected with my newborn and it just feels wonderful having them in my arms. Not to forget that breastfeeding also help mommies to lose their pregnancy weight through the releases of oxytocin hormone that aids our uterus to return to the original size. It also lowers the risk of getting ovarian and breast cancer too! See how beneficial it is to us mommies? :)

Our first outing as a family of four :)

In conjunction of World Breastfeeding Week, I teamed up with Tollyjoy Malaysia to give 3 awesome mommies a Tollyjoy hamper worth of RM150 filled with Tollyjoy Breastfeeding Range! :D You can win Tollyjoy Cooler Bag, Milk Storage Bottles, Milk Storage Bags, Nursing Pads and Wet Wipes! :) 

This is an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY so please go to my Instagram to participate. All you need to do is : 

1. Follow @tollyjoymalaysia Instagram and my instagram @sabbyprue
2. Complete this slogan "Breastfeeding is important for my baby because....." (not more than 20 words) in my comment box below.
3. Tag 3 friends to share about this giveaway and to all mommies-to-be and breastfeeding mommies.
4. Include hashtag #tollyjoyXsabbygiveaway in your comment.

Giveaway is from 1st August 2018 and will end on 14th of August 2018. I will choose 3 winners based on the best answer, so hurry join this giveaway okay? :)

For more information on Tollyjoy Malaysia, please visit :

Instagram : @tollyjoymalaysia

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