Pretty Ballerinas X Sassa de Osma

Woman can never have too many shoes. As a matter of fact, I myself have more than 30 pairs of shoes and I am in love in each one of them. One of my favourites type of shoes has to be my flats, or to be more precise my ballet flats. Pretty Ballerinas is a new brand to me, and I don't know why I haven't heard of the brand before because their shoes collection are to die for! 

Pretty Ballerinas shoes are handmade by craftsmen in the same village on the Mediterranean island  of Menorca since 1918. They have been around for 100 years guys, that's amazing! Pretty Ballerinas shoes consists of styles in such of ballerinas, ballet flats, mules, ballet pumps and the styles has also extended to sneakers, espadrilles, loafers and avarcas. Using fine and quality leather, the brand promises only the best experience for their fashionistas. 

Alessandra de Osma is the new face of Pretty Ballerinas, a beautiful Peruvian businesswoman who created the collection inspired by her beautiful wedding, Pretty Ballerinas iconic Spanish heritage and characteristics of women who loves to dress up. Now let's take a closelook at their latest collection, Fall/Winter 2018 Pretty Ballerinas X Sassa de Osma Collection.

Ella - Flats in Silver Glitter with Ankle Cuff 

Ella - Flats in Suede with Studs 

Shirley - Flats in Suede with Studs

Audrey - Flats with Embossed Studded Leather

Ella - Flats in Suede with Fur Tassels

Ella - Flats in Suede with Fringe

Ella - Mules in Suede with Fringe

Rosario - Flats in Gold Glitter with Ribbon

How gorgeous are these flats? OMG I absolutely love the green flats in suede with fur tassels, the glittery flats with ankle cuffs and the flats with fringe. Absolutely stunning! These shoes are perfect to add in your shoes collection because they are versatile. You can dress it up and dress it down to fit to the occasions you are going to.

Price list as at August 2018
If you like any of these shoes, don't forget to use the code [PBSASSA] to get 20% off for any shoes in stores! Code is valid until 31st August 2018. 

Visit Pretty Ballerinas Malaysia stores at :
Suria KLCC [Lot 122, First Floor]
The Gardens  [F-225A,  First Floor]

Visit Pretty Ballerinas Malaysia social media platforms :
Facebook : Pretty Ballerinas Malaysia
Instagram : @prettyballerinasmy

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