McDonald's Drive-Thru Weekend Challenge 2019

I'm not sure about you, but I am all about that convenience lifestyle. Especially now being a mother and wife, having to complete my daily tasks is my top priority and I need ways to get things done quickly and efficiently. Lets say if I'm out and about, driving around to run some errands, and my husband texts me saying to get some food. You know what comes to my mind? Picking up food at a drive-thru! Why? It is simply because I don't have to go the mall or any restaurants and park my car or wait for 30 minutes for the food. McDonald's Drive-Thru has always been my food saviour at times because I know I can get my food fast and efficiently. And especially if I'm outside with my daughter, I don't have to carry her out with me and trust me,that will consume so much time. Any mother would agree with me that driving through a restaurant without having to get down from the car is a blessing!

Drive-Thru business has become a part of our lives because it suits our fast-paced lifestyles, as it is hassle-free and efficient. McDonald's is indeed the Drive-Thru market leader as it is accessible all over the country, which makes it reachable to everyone. Currently there are 167 McDonald's Drive-Thru restaurants and 20 outlets will be opened through out this year. Drive-Thru window sales contribute 50% of total sales for all 167 of McDonald’s Drive Thru restaurants. The number says a lot about the importance of this feature to consumers.

Speech by Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director and Local Operating Partner of McDonald's Malaysia

In addition to amp up Drive-Thru business, McDonald's organized Drive-Thru Weekend Challenge held from 26th - 28th April 2019.  The total of cars grazed through 167 McDonald's Drive-Thru was a whopping 473,860 cars and it is roughly 150 times the same length of the first Penang Bridge, how awesome is that! 

And on 27th April, a new record has been set with a total of 164,235 vehicles which led McDonald's to be officially recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records for the "Largest Participation for a Drive-Thru Challenge in 24 Hours". That is an amazing number and it shows how drive-thru business is really practical! McDonald's Malaysia has high hope for this segment, as they target 70% of all McDonald's restaurants nationwide to be Drive-Thru restaurants by 2021. 

During the event to celebrate the post Drive-Thru Weekend Challenge, there were also prize money ceremony for Best Performer amongst drive-Thru restaurants and it is so inspiring to see how these people work hard in delivering good customers service. I don't know why, but I feel like the working environment in McDonald's is really fun and I can see the enthusiasm in their eyes. Good job guys!

Drive-Thru Hero Challenge was also launched from 17th to 30th April in McDonald's app for consumers to stand a chance to be Top 10 Drive-Thru Heroes. Each visit entitled them 10 points, and the won cash based on their points. While for others, every 5 stops unlocked McDonald's menu offers. How exciting!

I personally believe that Drive-Thru business is an efficient, hassle-free and convenient approach to fit in today's society lifestyle. Time is the essence of life and if I can save time anyway I can, I am surely will take full advantage of it. I know you would too, right? McDonald's Drive-Thru is definitely my go-to because of the accessibility; I think there are about 5 Drive-Thru restaurants in my area! Thank you for making my life easier, and thank you for always giving a great service! :)

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