Food Review : Ben's, KLCC

I was out yesterday with my darling Haley for a quick makeup shopping therapy and present shopping for my baby brother as he turned 16 yesterday. Yeayyy happy birthday Qypot! semoaga panjang umur and menjadi anak yang baik to mama and abah and also good brother to ur sisters especially me. :D Honestly I don't know what to get him sbb budak2 zaman sekarang ni barang2 semua branded. -_-  Dia ni suka Topman so I bought him something from there tp salah size. I thought he can fit XS, rupenye I should get S instead. Takpe, can exchange within 2 weeks. hehe sorry la Qypot, pegi ajak mama tukar. hihi

Anyway lets get back to my ACTUAL post. Hihi.. biasa la kalau dah jumpa kawan mesti la nak lepak somewhere and makan2 rite? This time we opted for Ben's coz Haley wanted to eat there.I wasn't really hungry, just wanted something to nibbled on so I chose....

Nachos Libre

I believe this is Mexican food (correct me if I'm, wrong). I love the fact that the corn chips are still crunchy even though the guacamole, the cheese, tomato sauce and the sour cream were drizzled all over the chips. Perfect. I ate 95% all by myself. ahaha BUT don't eat the jalapeño darlings, they'll burn your tongue. :D Oh I just drink water coz this meal is pretty heavy for me.

Then Haley ordered Banofee Sundae...

which is super nice. aahhhh the caramel, the ice cream, the banana.... hmmmm yummy!

This is me looking at the Banofee Sundae. Tak sabar nak masuk perut! haha but I ate not more than 5 spoons coz I'm too full.

Haley makan fries je. Dia ni mmg ratu fries. kalau bole fries tu bagi nama tgh.

Conclusion :

Price : For me it is affordable. Standard harga mcm Delicious and yg lebih kurang mcm tu. Nachos Libre + Fries + Banofee Sundae + Rootbeer float = RM50.60

Location : KLCC. Ada outlets in Pavilion and Publika.

The food : Everything is nicely presented and yummy too.

Service : Good service, makanan sampai cepat. Tapi ada sesuatu yang tak best. I know pekerja dah keje brp jam, tapi ada yang berbau kat 'situ'. hahaha Haley yg terbau masa this waiter nak angkat pinggan and masa nak refill my water. Ok maybe it's funny tapi bau 'tu' menggangu selera. hahahahah

The ambiance : Cozy, low light. Ala2 romantic gitu. hehe tapi satu yg x best, amek gamba x cantik sgt la sbb gelap and lampu oren. :D

Revisit? Yes, this is one of my regular places to eat.

I've been to Ben's for gazillion time. Dah byk kali, tapi x pernah nak buat review. Gamba bwh2 ni some of the food yang I dah pernah makan kat Ben's. You guys should check them out, they have a wide selection of food.

I had the buffalo wings. I love this! It's kinda oily, but I still like it. My bf had the spaghetti bolognese, it's pretty good too.

This is Pesto Spaghettini with grilled chicken. This is too creamy, lama2 makan bole muak.

Tak ingat nama burger ni. Tapi sedap. Makan ni bila korang betul2 lapar je tau! sbb besar portion nye.

Aglio Olio Spaghetti. Ni the simplest pasta ever. Very light. I love this tapi kalau korang lapar jgn order sbb mesti x cukup and xde ayam daging seafood whatsover.

Ok darlings, have a great day!


Sabby Prue



  1. ben tu mana ye...sedapnya nachos tu...i love spicy food...

    1. ben's ada dekat klcc, pavilion and publika. must try! hehe :)



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