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Assalamualaikum and hello. :)

I'm always finding new ways on how to organize my vanity. I used to piled on EVERYTHING (for easy access) but the truth is that I only use 30% of those stuff. I used to put all my skincare on my vanity and my makeup in the drawer. But you know what, I think my makeup deserves to be displayed as I spent so much on them. Hehe before I go into details, lets take a looksie from the early days how I store my favourite things.. :)

p/s : As much as I love makeup, I don't have much coz i always buy things that I need and I'm definitely not following any trend or whatsover. :)

I used to keep my make up in shoe boxes inside the drawer...

And I put all my skincare on the table.. This is so much stuff.. -_-

Then I switch to Romana Makeup Cube! At first I bought the 2 levels (2pcs), stacked them up and bought a curved makeup organizer......


I bought another 2 levels and 24 slots lipstick holder. Hehe :) now this is perfect for me, for now. As u can see, I put all my current skincare (that I REALLY use) on top of the 3rd 2 levels. Oh btw, I exchanged the curved desktop organizer to the 24 slots lipstick holder with my sister. ;)

So neat, so organized. I can see all my favourite things when I wake up in the morning. hehe  :)

As you can see, I don't have much makeup stuff, these items I use regularly, except for my shimmery eyeshadows.

Price :
2 levels = RM70 x 3 pcs = RM210
24 slots lipstick holder = RM40
TOTAL = RM250.00

I purchased another 4 sets of 2 levels and 2 sets of curved makeup organizer for my sister and my boss. They saw my photos in instagram and decided to get my first set up. hehe I switched with my sister the curved one with 24 slots lipstick holder coz I'm a bit crazy about lipsticks lately. :P

Price :
Curved Makeup Organizer = RM45 x 2 = RM90
2 levels = RM70 x 4 pcs = RM280

I keep all my skincare items (that I use occasionally) inside the drawer, as well as samples, my hairbands/hair tie, combs and such.

I absolutely LOVE my new setup/ It looks so neat and organized. LOVE it!

Kak Romana provides an excellent service, so easy to deal with her. She has a wide selection of makeup organizers that you will drool over. hihi If u girls are looking for awesome makeup organizer, kindly go to :

Romana makeup cube's page in fb : Makeup Organizer
Follow her on instagram : @romanamakeupcube

Till then, happy organizing! :)


Sabby Prue



  1. Wow! Nice post! love to see people organizing their makeup stuffs. hahah. <3

    1. ahaha i love it too! tgk youtube punye makeup collection lagi besttt... hehe u should do yours too. :)

  2. i love organizing too! this looks neat!!! <3 watching how people organize their makeup stuff are just my favorite!

    1. kannnn! It's like yg lain bersepah takpe, tp kalau vanity nak always neat sbb bole tgk all the makeup. hehe :P

  3. wow you are so organized ! haha mine are all over the place.. hahaha

    1. Ahaha organized before makeup, after makeup??? :P

  4. Looks so neat! The only organizer I have right now are the ones from Daiso for just RM5, enough to put all my fave products, and the rest I just stash them in a box hahaha. But damn those look tempting though...if not for the price sigh. Maybe when I'm richer :3

    1. haha u should babe!! displaying all ur makeup will make u so happy. well at least for me! hehe :P

  5. Hi! Just found your blog while googling for organizing makeup lol XD
    Btw, it's awesome!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. wow i love the lipstick holder, i'm looking for that ! did it sell separately ?



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