Yahoo oh Yahoo

Pernah tak ade problem email dgn yahoo? email x masuk, i mean newsletters and all masuk, tp email yg org bg directly to u x dpt? and even yahoo punye email pun x masuk? this is pissing me off!! urghhhhh i've been using for so long.... adoiii... anyway, the best way is just to create a new email, so from now on, please email to: 

Welcome to gmail. uhuk uhuk.

Btw, my primary account for this blog is Sabby Prue, now akan ada Sabrina Noor Azmi as I have no idea mcmane nk tukar the primary email to a new one as blogger said "YOU CAN'T USE GMAIL ACCOUNT FOR THIS BLOG". Huh???  -_-

So there will be 2 names, Sabby Prue and Sabrina Noor Azmi. Yes we are the same person. LOL

Till then,

Sabby Prue 



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