Organizing / Storage Ideas : What's in your bag?

Assalamualaikum and hello. :)

I've seen this tag everywhere, been wanting to do it but I always forget. I'm free today as I just finished folding all my clothes, phewww. That was exhausting. Folding clothes is my least favourite home chores. -_-

Nway I have not clean up my handbag since early february (i'm just guessing coz I found hansel and gretel tickets early feb in my bag. Hehe). To be honest, I'm not really into handbags, I mean I love handbags but not as much as any women I know. I don't really change up my bag unless I'm bored with one I'm currently using. I usually buy handbags if I need them, when I need handbags in particular colours or if they are torn or old. For these past years I think the average number I bought is around 2 or 3 bags only. As for this year, I havent bought any handbags yet. :D

Okay I've strayed from the topic (thats usual for me rite? ) huhu nwayyyy, I'm just in the mode to do major cleaning today, so why not show u guys what i have in my bag? I'm just sharing my way in organizing stuff in my bag. Lets get started!

My 2 years old Mango purse which is torn here and there. I really need to get a new one. I need a smaller purse as I started using a card organizer that I bought at Hallmark, Gardens a few months ago and this has made my life easier! Ladies who love collecting membership card (ehem ehem that's me) this is a great way to organize your cards. The one I 'm currently using has 20 slots. 

My make up bag. Ahhh girls need to do some touch ups especially if you are out and about. I only bring the essentials, nothing too crazy. 

What I have :
Biore Makeup Remover Wipes
Bobbi Brown Powder Foundation
Maybelline Eyeliner
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow
Maybelline Baby Lips (I alternate with my other lip balms)
Elianto Shine Up Lipstick in Cherry Blossom (I switch around depending what I put on before leaving the house)
Cotton Buds (for any smudges under my eyes from mascara/eyeliner)

I got the makeup bag when I bought the makeup cube from Kak Romana. Have you seen my post about that? Click here for details! :)

I call this my emergency kit. Bits of things that I think is crucial when going out :
Toilet seat cover
Wet wipes 
Plasters (for emergency or when I get blisters on my feet)
Ointment (Minyak angin)
Nail clipper
Pins and a brooch (or brooches)

My coach wristlet - I keep my 2 phones inside
Shopping bag
Daily Planner
Perfume - Currently obsessed with Victoria's Secret Bombshell (I did a review on the miniature set. Click here to check it out!)
My favourite lozenges - The Fishermen's Friend in Apple & Cinnamon

How do you organize your handbags? Leave a comment or link to your post if you have done what's in my bag tag! :)

Have a lovely Saturday darling! :)

Sabby Prue



  1. Can I say something over here?

    I'm sooooooo jealous with your miniature Bombshell perfume!

    mode: Jealous
    face reaction: jealous
    mulut: cemek
    mata: Terbeliak
    Monolog: Sabar, Sabar..
    future plan: I'll do this topic too

    Sekian, Terima Kasih. heheheh...

    1. Ahaha u r so funny la dear.. Tergelak2 i baca ur comment. Hihi the miniature bombshell i beli giftset, dlm tu ada 7 VS miniature perfumes. Semua i suka but love is heavenly and bombshell are my fav! Sedap kan bau bombshell, nyummss! Buat tau tag ni! Hehe ;)

  2. i also really want to do this topic as I have seen it everywhere in youtube and getting obesessed into but mine is not so interesting as yours . heee



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