Food Review : Teaffani Patisserie English High Tea Set

Assalamulaikum and hello everyone! :)

Yesterday was the food review of Teaffani Patisserie's High Tea Set organized by The Butterfly Project and Teaffani Patisserie. Thank you so much for inviting us. :) It was a great event and I enjoyed the food and had so much fun knowing other bloggers. And also a big thanks to Lullabelle Handmade Natural Soap for giving the bloggers 2 exciting goodies for us to try. I will do a separate review on that. :) With that being said, read on to know more about the fooooooddd..... ;)

What : Food Review (High Tea Set) 
When : 4th May 2013 / 11am
Where : Teaffani Patisserie, Parkamaya, 3rd Floor, Fahrenheit 88, 147 Bukit Bintang
Who : 15 Food & Lifestyle Bloggers

Teaffani Patisserie started their business a month ago but the company actually provides catering services known as The Teaffani Catering & Events. If you wanna know more about their catering services, kindly click HERE for details.

Almond Biscotti

Chocolate Rocher


Raisin Scones

The overview of the place

Tammy is giving out her welcome speech

This Rachael, the owner of Teaffani Patisserie

Answering questions from bloggers and explaining the menu


Teaffani Patisserie is a lovely and peaceful place for anyone to relax and catch up with friends and family, have a few cups of tea with delightful desserts and pastries. 

The High Tea set is RM49.90 for 2 pax. The menu includes : 

- Homemade raisin scones served with butter/cream and homemade preserve.
- French delights macarons
- Sinfully Cheesy Carrot Cakes & Hot Brownie Cake
- Tiramisu and Cream Caramel in Elegant Shot Glass
- Gourmet Sandwiches
- Savoury Mini Quiches
- Includes 2 choices of tea (Pure Chamomile, Pure Peppermint, Jasmine Green Tea, Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea)

the first layer - Mini savoury quiche and french macarons

Cheesy Carrot Cake , Cream Caramel & Brownies

Raisin Scones with butter and preserves, Gourmet Sandwiches - Tuna & Egg sandwiches) & Tiramisu

this is beautiful!

Mini Savoury Quiche (Chicken)

 It is goooood! I can have 10 of this at 1 shot. serious. If you had quiche before, this is the mini size.

French Macarons (Chocolate)

Melts in your mouth, not too sweet. Perfect for my liking. 

Raisin Scones with butter and preserves

The scone is buttery enough and holds well when I cut it into half. The scones combined with the butter an jam is heaven in your mouth but... I'm not really a fan of raisins. But it's still good though! :)

Tuna Sandwich

You know that it is freshly made when the bread is still soft. The filling is complete with tomatoes and mayonnaise 


This is one of my favourite desserts ever. The coffee taste is spot on. The portion is just nice as Tiramisu is one of those desserts when you have too much you will feel overly full.

Seating area

My review :

1.The food selection is good, however maybe the scones selection can be broaden. Some people might not like raisins, maybe it's a good idea to have other choices such as the original butter scones or cranberry scones.

2. The price RM49.90 for 2 pax is affordable as there are 8 types of pastries/desserts in the menu. Worth the money!

3. I absolutely love the location because it is quiet and peaceful. Not many people around and I believe I can stay there for hours relaxing until I finished everything on the tiers.  If you need a private place to hangout and gossip with your girls, this is a great spot.

4. The service is good as the waiter keep on refilling our teapot and check on us if everything is good.

To all desserts lovers and those who loves tea time set, go and check out this place. I recommend it as I myself LOVE having tea and desserts with my friends and loved ones.

Check out their :
Facebook Page : Teaffani High Tea
Contact : 012-2079256
Email :

And now.... photossssss! :)

my table partner, the lovely Miss Ayna. :)

with the sweet Rachael. Thank you for inviting all of us! :)

brown cotton bawal | aidijuma
white top | dorothy perkins
checkered jacket | kitschen
black denim | dorothy perkins
watch | guess
red pump wedges | bought at a bazaar in e-curve

so vain. muahaha :D

We get to bring this Chocolate Rocher (slithered almond with chocolate). Thanks so much, it's delicious! :)

A surprise from Lullabelle Handmade Natural Soap. I will review these babies soon, stay tune for the post! :)

Ahahaha :P

Bloggers with Rachael and Tammy

Such a cute collage by Tammy! :)
*source : Tammy's instagram

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. what a lovely place! i will definitely come there with my friends ^_^ and I wonder how long will i take to finish the pastries/desserts as i'm a slow muncher. hehe

    1. I'm a slow eater too when it comes to desserts.. ahaha takpe take your time, u can stay there all day.. hihi

  2. its nice meeting u darl, loving the quiche too, yummehhh~ @_@

    1. sedap kann.. hihi nice meeting u too dear, lets hangout one of these days... :)

  3. ok i saw already...thank you very much

    out of topic> followed back :)



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