I Want A Havaianas!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Have you heard about the upcoming Spa Party happening on the 29th June? Click HERE to find out more! :)

Since it's a spa party, all the attendees have to wear bathrobes and flip-flops! In conjunction of the party, Havaianas Malaysia is so kind to give out Havaianas flip-flops and cash vouchers (plus gifts) to 50 bloggers! Wheeeeeeeeee....  ^_^

I used to wear flip-flops during my uni time because it is the easiest thing ever. But back then, flip-flops designs were too plain, lack of cool designs and boring colours! But looking at Havaianas collections now, oh mannnn... The colours available are so much fun! I love bright and vibrant colours!The designs are up to date and really captures the essence of fun and they look comfortable at the same time.

I want a Havaianas because......

I want to be able to try out the flip-flop to see if it is really comfortable and won't give me blisters. Is it just about the cool and fun designs? Or is it also about the comfort of the wearer? I might be a future customer if everything hits the right spot.  ;)  

If you want to know more about Havaianas, kindly visit their website Havaianas Malaysia and follow them on Twitter !

Till then,


Sabby Prue



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