The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! :)

How's everybody doing? I hope everyone is in a good mood because weekend is approaching. ;) Let me take you to a topic that will make your weekend PERFECT! :D

The Butterfly Project is a community that gathers awesome people that share same interest which is blogging. If you don't know or never heard about this community, I suggest you visit their FB page The Butterfly Project and LIKE! You won't regret it, I promise! :)

The Butterfly Project is throwing us the ULTIMATE Spa Party this coming June! Oh myyyy oh myyyyyy ^_^

The collaborators for the spa party :

A huge thanks to Tammy for organizing this wonderful spa party. :)

For those who wants to win an invite to the spa party, this is what you need to do :

1. Like all collaborating partner's in FB
2. Blog/Vlog 3 reasons "WHY I will not miss this Spa Party"
3. Mention all collaborating brands in your post/video
4. Be creative with your post (well you want to win right? *wink*) Only 50 bloggers will be able to attend this awesome event so do your best. ;)
5. Share about the event in your social circles (FB, Intagram, Twitter)

Check out HERE for more details on how to get invited to this awesome spa party and also how to submit your entries through Rafflecopter. ;)

3 reasons WHY I will not miss this Spa Party.....

I would like to be a part of amazing people that shares the same passion as I am. Blogging about beauty and lifestyle, food and whatever it is that crossed ones mind. During my early days of blogging, I have people telling me that blogging is such a waste of time, and no one's gonna read my blog. But I don't care! Because I write from within and I enjoy doing it. Blogging makes me happy because it opens up a new world to me. I gained so much about things I never knew existed. Meeting new bloggers that turned into friends is the best part. Who knew we can create beautiful friendships through our computers, ain't that beautiful? :) I wanna join this party because I wanna hangout with awesome people! ^_^

I love getting pampered. Who doesn't?? The opportunity to have that once in a while is awesome! Manicures, pedicures, and the list goes on..... SO yeah, I want to be pampered like a queen. hihihi :D

I want to show my support towards The Butterfly Project because they have been so awesome in organizing events, giving us bloggers the opportunity to review and attend wonderful events. I know that we can be stronger if we keep on supporting each other. I feel so blessed to have found this community and I wish only the best for the growth of this community. Maybe I don't do much, but by supporting projects handle by The Butterfly Project is my way to show my appreciation towards their efforts in the blogging community. :')

These are my 3 reasons, hope I'll get the invitation. ^_^  

And Good Luck to everyone too! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Good luck to you deary!!
    Remember me? We met at Yadah's Birthday Bash :)

    1. yes dear, i remember you! hehe it was nice meeting you...I have a picture with u, I will upload them soon. :)



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