Beauty Review : Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette

Assalamualaikum and hello! :)

I'll be reviewing Stila's In The Light Eye Shadow Palette in this post. Finally! I bought this palette end of March and been loving it so much! :) Read till the end if you wanna know more ya...

 Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette

Where to buy : Sephora / Any Stila counters

How Much : RM126.00

The casing is cardboard like. Quite sturdy and compact. You know it's going to be tightly secured because of the magnetic closure.

The inside

10 shades with a retractable eyeliner (waterproof)

At the back of the casing.

This is the swatch for the retractable eyeliner in Damsel. It is a dark brown but when you build it up, it can be  black brown shade. The great thing about this is that, it does not smudge. When you apply it, make sure to blend it asap because if you let it sit even for a minute, it will stay the way it is on your eyes (I mean if you want to smudge it out to get a smoky look)

The 10 shades 

TOP (Left to Right)
Bare - Light Nude (Matte)
Kitten - Champagne (Shimmer)
Bliss - Dusty/Pale Pink (Matte)
Sunset -  Copper (Shimmer)
Sandstone - Dark Brown (Matte)

BOTTOM (Left to Right)
Bubbly -  Darker Champagne (Shimmer)
Gilded Gold - Brown Gold (Shimmer)
Lustre - Grey (Shimmer)
Night Sky - Blue/Purple (Shimmer)
Ebony - Black (Matte)

P/S : I'm describing the shades according to my own opinion, they could look different from your observation. And they do look slightly different in swatches. :)

Why I love it :
- 4 matte shades and 6 shimmery shades.
- The texture of the shimmery shades is creamy and easy to blend.
- The texture of the matte shades is velvety and glide smoothly on your eyelids.
- Each shades is quite pigmented, but you can always build it up if you want the colours to be bolder.
- The palette is versatile. You can create a neutral eye, smoky eye and metallic eye.
- It does stay on my eyes for about 6 hrs (without eye primer) and I believe it can last till 8 to 10 hrs. There's a slight creasing but it's not a problem because it's not that noticeable. 
- The palette is at a good price (RM12.60 for each colour)

I really love this palette! The colours are awesome for everyday look or whatever look you want, the texture is great (I don't really notice any fall outs) and it is totally worth your money. Do check it out Sephora or any Stila Counters. This is a great alternative if you don't want to spend RM179 on the Urban Decay Naked palette.  ;)

P/S : My favourite shades are Kitten, Bliss, Sandstone and Night Sky. :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. wow. kakak sounds really good. macam nak beli je! haishhhh mudah terpengaruh dgn akak ni!!

    1. hihi beli la kalau xde naked palette lagi! :D

  2. hi sabby, I'm emily.
    I'm just a random volunteer helping tammy to compile all the blog link.

    May I know when are you going to write Teaffani food review so that I can ans all q if tammy asking me how is the progress~~hopefully u ans me in my blog ya^^

    Out of topic 2: May I exchange GFC link with u?

    by the way, stila can create smoky eyes, i like eyeliner which does not smudge too :)

    1. Hi dear.. I've given the link of the review in the comment box (your latest post)..

      Yup, the smoky eyes are awesome too!

  3. Hihi kak :D I love the stila pallete but I haven't finish my naked2 yet :(

    1. hi dear.. stila's palette are gorgeous! hehe it's ok, naked 2 is great too, rite? ;)

  4. Planning to get this palette sbb suka sunset , sandstone, bubbly and bliss. then sbb dah ada naked and kitten single shadow, trus rasa mc... bersabar.... tgg stila kuar palette lain la. sbb murah gile kot palette ni! worth every ringgit!

    1. yup masa beli ni i compare with naked palette. But Stila won because I prefer the colours selection and this one is totally worth it. Stila mmg ada 3 palettes. Another 2, Stila In The Know and Stila In The Garden. I want the Stila In The Garden tapi takde kat Sephora hari tu I tgk..

  5. I have urban decay Naked palette 1 and 2 along with Stila in the light. Have to say I actually prefer my Stila in the light the best. Its my go to palette despite having a ton of palettes....somewhat of a hoarder that I am.



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