MEGA BAZAAR : Facilities available!

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! Eh Eh Mega Bazaar 2014 is about to happen in just about 2 weeks, are you ready to be a part of this awesome bazaar? Well I am! Today I'm gonna share with you the facilities they provide so that you can shop till you drop in a comfortable and relaxing way! 

1) There are more than 3000 parking space provided at the outside of MAEPS so you won't be facing any problems to find a parking spot and basically you won;t have to park in illegal space.

2) More than 10 trams is provided for visitors that will take them from the parking space to the entrance of MAEPS, therefore you are not gonna shed a sweat even before you start shopping. *hehehe*

3) A free bus ride is available from Serdang Komuter Station especially for Eh Eh Mega Bazaar 2014 visitor. You don't have to wait for taxi  or bus to get to MAEPS, how convenient!

4)  The walk way between booths in MAEPS is wider by 10 feet to ensure visitors are comfortable while shopping. There will be no pushing and Insyaallah any 'tragedies' won't be happening in these 2 days. :)

Other than than, more than 100 special lucky draws such as electrical appliances, holiday packages, gadgets is waiting for Eh Eh Mega Bazaar 2014 visitors! Of course there will be performances by local celebrities, fashion show, colouring contest for kids, tea time with celebrities and so much more so mark your calendars and be there to experience this bazaar! About 1200 booths has already sold out and I think there's a few more to be rented. Go ahead and contact 012 292 0131 if you want to be one of the vendors!


Date :
 21st - 22nd June 2014

Venue : 
Hall A, Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS)

Phone :

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Till then,

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