Lasertag experience at Laser Warzone with The Butterfly Project!

Assalamualaikum and hello gorgeous! I am back with another review of a place that might interest you if you are the adventurous type. You know sometimes you just don't know what to do during free time, or you might be lacking of ideas for activities to do with your friends and family. Here is a solution, or an idea to be exact how to spend your weekend! ^_^ Anyway, when I attended the review event, it was a bit special as we are celebrating The Butterfly Project's first anniversary!! Weeeeeeehoooooooo! Can you believe it that it's already been one year? Oh my gosh, I still remember the first time I joined The Butterfly Project's event (The Unzipping of Bag of Love).... Oh wow, it brings back great memories! :) One year with The Butterfly Project has been awesome. I've received great opportunities and it really helps me as a blogger. I LOVE YOU, The Butterfly Project! May The Butterfly Project be successful and happening all the time. I will support your back 100%. ^_^

As you can see from the photo above, we are doing a 'manly' game over here. *hahaha* Yeah baby, laser tag! To be honest when Tammy first posted about the lasertag, I was actually kinda scared. T_T I AM DEFINITELY not the adventurous one and I got scared of EVERYTHING. *Yes that's my life* But since it's The Butterfly Project first anniversary celebration, I don't want to miss it so I registered myself. Laser Warzone is located at ECurve (Just beside Curve, it is used to be known as Cineleisure). 

An area for bigger gatherings, spacious and suitable for parties!

We were then briefed by the person in charge on how the game works. Basically you just need to shoot your opponent using the laser gun. Don't worry it does not hurt *macam lampu laser je* If you hit you opponent on the front, you'll get 50 points whereas if you hit them on the back, you'll get 100 points. The game will go on for 10 minutes. All the butterflies were divided into 4 groups (9 person in a group) and we are set to combat each other! *hahaha* I was kinda nervous, lol. Oh and my team name is LASER FLY, woot woot! :P

We need to wear this vest.

Ahhhh kena lah posing dulu *excuse my tired face, I was indeed very very exhausted that time*

The entrance to the dark place..... muahahhahahaha

This is the inside of the warzone. It is dark, it's like a glow in the dark room. We played 4 games to determine who is the winner. Oh my gosh, if you think 10 minutes is a short duration of time, you got it wrong babeh! By end of the fourth game, I was drenched in sweat and super tired. *hahaha* but it was so much fun attacking my fellow bloggers *muahahahaha*  I would never thought I'd enjoyed it so much. For me the best way to play the game is to strategize, pick a good, hidden spot so you could attack your opponent *evil face on*. 

The best part is that you can see your friend while they are in the warzone. *hahaha* janganlah buat aksi combat sangat wey! :P

The girls preparing themselves!

The winner will get medal and also a trophy. Want to know who's the winner? Jeng Jeng Jeng.......

Surprisingly enough, my team Laser Fly won! *hahaha* we thought we were at the last place, but noooooooooooo.. we are the champion babeh! ^_^

Muka budak excited. Mula-mula takut nak main, tapi dia yang paling seronok! :P 
p/s : Sab, you usha ape tu? :P

The Butterfly Project Community!

I would like to say thanks to The Butterfly Project and Laser Warzone for having us, it was indeed a fun experience. I would definitely want to go back and shoot someone! :P I highly recommend Laser Warzone if you are planning to organize activities with your family and friends.


Normal Price : RM 20 per person (1 game), RM32 (2 games), RM42 (3 games) & RM60 (4 games)

Student Price : RM17 per person (1 game),  RM27 (2 games), RM37 (3 games) & RM55 (4 games)

Party Package : RM50 per person (4 games)
~ 10 - 15 pax
~ inclusive of food and drinks

For more info, please visit :


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. bestnya. Kalau Ika, sure berangan ala2 perang :D
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  2. nampak mudah..tapi susah sebenarnya...aku masa main bende ni asyik kena tembak jer..haha



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