Sexy Sunday Series # 6 : NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Bimini

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! Welcome back to my Sexy Sunday Series and yes, I'm still talking about  NARS! ^_^ If you haven't read my first review and makeup tutorial on Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow and Malacca Single Eyeshadow from the NARS Summer Collection 2014 'Adult Swim',  please click HERE first because this is the second part where I complete the whole look. Since this is my Sexy Sunday Series, we are gonna talk about NARS Larger Than Life Bimini Lip Gloss. Without wasting any time, lets jump right in! :)

A sleek lip gloss tube.

The applicator is not the usual doe-foot type, this is more like a brush. A thin brush which adhere to the product pretty well. I usually do not prefer this type of wand because I think it's harder to control but surprisingly this works great as I have better control while applying.

Larger Than Life Bimini Lip Gloss is described as sheer pink guava shade shimmer particles. From what I see, it is sheer pink gloss with micro shimmers that glides smoothly on the lips. It feels sticky but surprisingly I feel comfortable using it on my lips. Sticky lip gloss is a big NO NO for me but this particular lip gloss does not feel as heavy as any other sticky lip glosses. It gives my lips the glossiness and shine I want and at the same time it plumps up my lips. It stays on the lips pretty well, I would say at least 2 - 3 hours without drinking and eating. I feel my lips well moisturized during that period of time.




NARS, Pavilion

As you can see the photo above, NARS Larger Than Life Bimini Lip Gloss is almost the same as my natural lip colour. Hence the lip gloss enhances my lip colour by giving me the glossy and shine effect. But can you see how the lip gloss plumps up my lips? ^_^  The great thing about this lip gloss that it goes so well with other lipsticks too.

Now lets take a look how would it look like if I pair it with the eye makeup look I did using the Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow and Malacca Single Eyeshadow!  ^_^

I am using Larger Than Life Bimini Lip Gloss on my lips, without any lipstick. Neutral lips, suitable for the day. I think I look fresh in this photo. :D

I paired the lip gloss with my nude lipstick, love this look! The lip gloss really gives my lips the shine and glossy effect I want. The lip gloss enhance the actual colour of the nude lipstick and take it to the next level.

Using my red lipstick to amp up the look! Love the lip gloss on top of my red lipstick,  great way to spice it up a little! :D Somehow I think the eye makeup goes very well with this bold lips! :)

I hope you girls enjoy reading my review and eye makeup tutorial using  NARS.  I absolutely love all the  products and I can't wait to get my hands on the Sheer Glow Foundation and the creamy concealer. ^_^ Oh btw, I've posted up 2 reviews on  NARS products, the Powder Foundation in Fiji and Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer so do check it out if you are interested. :)


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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. Replies
    1. i'm not really a lip gloss person, but this one is lovely!!

  2. kak sabby ni comel lah! i love the way the gloss made your lips look sexier and definitely plumper, memang nampak beza :D

    1. hahah mieza ni, thanks anyway. Sexy ke? mihmihmih but mmg definitely nampak plumper kan? :D

  3. Cantiknya especially when you paired it with your nude lippie...



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