Sexy Sunday Series # 5 : Make Up For Ever - Aqua Lip

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! I am back with my Sexy Sunday Series.Wheeeee! ^_^ And today I am going to talk about lip liner. What do you think? Do you use lip liner before applying your lipstick? I used to skip the lip liner step simply because I don't feel the need to use. I always thought it is tedious and also no point at all. Until...... I tried it myself, and heck ya, I definitely love it! 

Why I love lip liner?

~ Prevent my lipstick from bleeding (smearing out of your lip liner)
~ Make my lips fuller
~ My lipstick shade becomes more opaque 
~ Helps my lipstick stay on longer

If you read my post on MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Collection 2014, then you might have noticed that I included these babies in that post. Introducing, MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip, it is 100% waterproof, non-transferable and long-lasting power on the lips. It is also water and saliva resistant therefore you can actually apply in on your entire mouth without getting it fade away. Originally, the range has only 20 shades but now with the new collection, 5 more shades is added into the family. Lets take a look at the swatches of the new 5 shades, shall we? :)

The typical design of a lip liner.

This is not a retractable lip pencil, therefore you need to sharpen them.

25 C : Orange Red (As the name said, it is a red lip liner with orange undertone)

21 C : Cool Pink (Pink with blue undertone)

24 C : Vintage Coral (Bright coral, it actually reminds me of the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in             Mischievous

22 C : Tender Pink (combination of pale pink and mauve)

23 C : Apricot Pink (a lighter version of the Vintage Coral 24 C, it is a soft coral)

As this is a waterproof product, I definitely want to test it out. When I let running water splashing on these swatches, the colour did not fade away, they do not budge at all. So yes, I guarantee this would be perfect for our hot weather and also if you are planning to go swimming. 

I also tried to rub it off with water (I would say I tried rubbing it 50% of my strength power) and yeahhh the swatches are still there (photo below).

I tried again rubbing off with water and with the determination to rub EVERYTHING off completely, and yes I succeed. 

Well of course it will disappear if you are rubbing it off like a crazy woman (like what I just did). But, NOBODY would be rubbing their lips as hardcore as what I did right?  The point is that in the beginning I just want to show that the lip pencil won't budge if it is under running water, however if you rub like mad woman, yes it will rub off. I just want to make it clear so that no one would come back to me and say "Why this one when I rub off hilang???" -_- 

    MADE IN    
Paris, France

1.2 g


Make Up Forever Pro Boutique in Sephora Starhill Gallery
Any Sephora Outlets


I love this lip liner because it creamy and it glides smoothly on my lips. I find it easy to use to shape my lips because of the creamy texture of the lip liner. The shades are pigmented therefore the outcome on my lips will be almost the same as the swatches on my wrist. However it does emphasize the lines on my lips but as soon as I apply my lipstick, the lines disappear. The staying power is good because I remembered it lasted at least 6 hours of eating and drinking (it leaves very nice stain on my lips). The only drawback is that it is expensive for a lip liner which is not retractable. But taking the waterproof and the awesome staying power the Aqua Lip provides, I think it is worth to try it out if you really don't like to re-apply your lipstick and if you want something good for our hot weather here in Malaysia. If you are really interested to try it out, I would suggest for you to buy one shade that is really close to your natural lip colour because you can use the lip pencil for any lipsticks. For example, among the 5 shades, I would go for 22 C (Tender Pink) because my lips are more to pinkish mauve shade.  They have the existing 20 shades too, you can click HERE for other shades selection. I hope this review helps if you are looking for a good, long-lasting and waterproof lip liner. Thanks for reading lovelies! :)


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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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*Disclaimer : Product is sponsored by the brand, however, my opinion and reviews are 100% honest and true as always. Thank you. :)



  1. Wow everybody is raving about Makeup Forever Products, but I find their line out of my budget. It's pretty pricey, but there's no denying that it's worth every penny. Would love to try out their products someday, as I tend to sweat sometimes. So having waterproof products will definitely make my makeup last longer. Shall put this on my wish list.

    1. Yeah babe, i know it is pricey, but looking at the bright side, you'll get good quality products which fulfill all your needs. and that's awesome!

  2. played with yours yesterday! they are so gorgeous!

  3. thanks dear.. i checked out your blog, it's wonderful. but I can't seem to follow u. :( I will try again ya!



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