My final thoughts on Per'l Xlim

Assalamualaikum and hello darlings. I'm back with my final update on my Per'l Xlim journey for the past 4 weeks, well lets make it 5 weeks (I tell you why later) ;) If you have not read up about my other 2 parts of Per'l Xlim journey, kindly click these links below :

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During the first measurement, I was kinda shocked to discover how much I weigh. Yes I am freaking 52kg! *so sad :( * My weight has always been below 50kg (As long as I am below 50kg, I am totally fine, but I usually weigh around 47 or 48kg). To be honest, I have been lacking in my diet and have not been going to the gym for quite sometime. I know my excuses are lame but seriously sometimes when you are too busy, you tend to forget your routine because you want to focus on your priorities (definitely working out is not my priority. huhu).  Anyway after 14 days of consuming Per'l Xlim, I discovered that I lost 600 gram which made me 51.4kg! Wow, I don't really expect to lost that much, I was only thinking maybe less than 300 gram or even none considering that I did not watch what I eat (I mean I eat as normally as I would eat) and I did not do any workout. You might think that lose 600 gram in 2 week is nothing, but keep in mind I did not do anything different with my lifestyle. 

Then came the final measurement on the 28th day (4th week), I gained back 200 gram so I am now 51.6kg. But I was not shocked because I had my period a couple days before. I was told by my gym instructor when I first started working out last year that we are not supposed to measure our weight during our menstrual cycle because of the hormonal imbalance and the increased of water retention in our body. Therefore I am not surprised I gain the extra grams.

Earlier on the 2nd week I tried using my digital weight scale at home to identify the difference between my scale and the one I used during my measurement for the challenge. The weight scale used during the challenge weigh extra 200 grams more than my weight scale at home. Therefore any figures that I got from my scale at home, I would add on extra 200 grams. Well maybe it's not that accurate but it definitely would be around that range.  Now I am at my 5th weeks (my menstrual cycle has ended) and just weigh in myself at home and I am now 50kg, meaning I lost another 1.6kg! So overall I lost 2kg in 5 weeks (35 days) without exercising and controlling what I eat. Can you just imagine if I change my diet habits and go back to the gym and workout? I would definitely lose more weight and be able to get my desired body shape.

I know there are people saying that I'm already small and I don't need to lose any weight. But I feel like I do need to lose the weight. I want all these flabbiness to go away! I believe everybody has their own weight goals right? It's not that I want to be super skinny, I just want to lose a bit here and there. I don't expect people to understand because the only things that matter is how I FEEL ABOUT MY BODY. :)

Would I continue drinking Per'l Xlim? Heck ya I will! I am not very discipline when it comes to eating supplements but drinking coffee every morning is my routine therefore drinking Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee Flavour) wouldn't be a problem for me. And the taste is super yummy too so definitely I wouldnt mind! ;)  Besides of the weight loss, I love that it gives me energy during the day and I feel so pumped up to accomplish my daily routine. After drinking Per'l Xlim, I always feel full, I mean I can wait about 1 to 2 hours before having my meal. In a way Per'l Xlim helps me to control what I eat. But since I am determine to lose more weight and gain some sexy muscles, I am going to start eating a little bit healthier and going back to the gym alongside consuming Per'l Xlim Cafe. Hopefully by December I will get my desired body shapes and weight. ^_^

The effect of drinking Per'l Xlim is definitely different for everybody but it wouldn't hurt to try right? I myself used to never believe in losing the weight without doing anything until Per'l Xlim. But of course, I highly suggest to eat healthier meal portion and start working out to build some muscle and contour your body. Cut down those fast food, sugary and carbonated drink because they are not good for you! Yes you can have them once in a while, but remember to eat everything in moderation. CREATE HEALTHY HABITS, NOT RESTRICTIONS. Per'l Xlim is priced at RM19.90 (15 sachets of 20g). If you are interested to try out Per'l Xlim, you guys can check out Mydin, Aeon and Aeon Big. Soon it will be available in Giant, Cold Storage and selected outlets.

Per'l Xlim, Rahsia Wanita Kekal Mempesona! 


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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. comellah Kak Sabby! I always thought that you look great and you never have to lose weight as you look cute this way ;) but I respect that you want to discipline yourself and lose the flabbiness! as long as you stay healthy okay? good luck in maintaining your desired shape kak sabby ^_^



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