A gold watch and a grey duffel bag

Assalamulaikum and hello love. Anybody loves gold watches? I love anything gold because for me gold is classic. I know youngsters nowadays are not into yellow gold because yellow gold tends to be very old fashion, very "aunty-liked" and out of trend. But honestly, if you can find the right design and style, your gold watch will stood out and become the centre of attention. I love the combination of gold and black specifically because the black will bring out the gold. Well, I don't really know how to describe it, I just love the colour combination. 

This beautiful gold and black watch from the Couture Collection by Klaus Kobec is a definition of a sophisticated woman that knows her worth. Classic, stylish and trendy. Pair this gold watch with any outfits, trust me, you will stand out more. Any other option is that, you can style it with gold accessories. It doesn't have to be yellow gold, any rose gold or white golds will compliment each other. 

This beautiful grey soft-leathered duffel bag from Cynthia Collection by Klaus Kobec is the perfect bag if you are the type of girl who likes to chuck in everything! It has almost the same design as LV Speedy bags because of the gold lock and also the keys attached at the top handles. This spacious grey duffel bag also comes with a leather strap that is removable. Put on the strap and your entire look will be casual. Go for a strapless bag if you want a more formal and dressier look.

You can actually locked your bag if you wish too, but no way I'll do it since it will take too much effort. *hahaha*

 This bag is so spacious! I can fit a lot of things including my dslr. No kidding!

Combining the gold watch with my grey duffel bag.

Decided to pair my new gold watch and grey duffel bag with my new maxi dress that I got from LZD by Lazada Fashion to attend weddings. I love how all the colour tones compliment each other. It's minimal, comfortable and trendy at the same time. I love the overall look!

So, are you digging this gold watch by Klaus Kobec? I absolutely love it! And the grey duffel bag is a great addition to my handbag collection. I will bring it a lot if I have to bring my dslr with me to my blogging event. :) Check out their websites for more watches and other goodies, I know you will be hooked on some of the designs. ^_^

Official Website : 

You can also purchase Klaus Kobec Watches at :

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  1. Love the watch and bag! I like that type of bag too, and stuff a lot of things, haha~

    1. hahahah most girls love huge bags! This bag is perfect if i want to bring along my camera. hehe

  2. muka bahagia kan? beg dengan jam memang cun :)

    1. hehehe yup that gold watch and bag is wonderful! :)



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