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Assalamualaikum and hello my darlings. Happy Friday everyone! Weekend is approaching so what's your plan for these 2 days? Me? Well, I need to run some last minute errands for my wedding and I need to finish up my blog deadlines as I will be off next week! *hehehe* Anyway, in today's Fashion Friday, I want to introduce you guys to an online clothing brand Milktee! I've heard about Milktee or quite some time already and I even followed them in Instagram since last year *I think*. What I really like about their clothes is they are simple and yet stylish. I like non-complicated clothes that I can just put together without hassle. Milktee is like your basic clothes but on the next level. They are simple, trendy and comfy at the same time. I love most of their tops because I really like tops that covers my 'behind'. *hahaha* If you are like me, you'll be spoilt for choices because Milktee has a lot of that designs. I chose two tops and lets see how I styled them up! ^_^

RP : RM59.00
Size : Free Size

This knitted long-sleeves tee featured a round neckline with dropped shoulder seams. The sleeves is stretchable and can be adjusted whether you want to keep it long to your wrist or pull it up to your elbow. The knitted material is lightweight and it is suitable for our hot and humid weather. It has a longer back hemline that covers my 'behind'. I love horizontal stripes in general so this is up right my alley. I chose the combination of brown and black because I am currently involve with earthy tones shades. They have another colour in Black and White stripes, click HERE. This tee is flowy and loose, it is very comfortable, I love it!

This top would be great with jeans, black pants and neutral tones pants. You can even style it up with maxi skirt by tucking in the top.

black glitter shawl | jalan TAR
nude sleeveless top | dressing paula
brown block striped dolman tee | milktee
black pants | dorothy perkins
crisscross wedges | present from my oak long

RP : RM65.00
Size : Free Size

Photo Credit

This cotton collar shirt is great to have if you love white shirt! I am obsessed with white tops because it goes with everything!  This long-sleeves dress shirt features classic point-collar styling with front button fastening. It also has two front slit pockets which is adorable! *haha* i can actually put it some things in there. :P This dress shirt has the same length hemline (front and the back) and the cool thing about to that it has side slits. So if yo don't want to wear it plain like this, you can actually tuck in the front hemline and keep your back cover at the same time. Awesome! :) Click HERE for closeup photos.

As you can see here, I tucked in the front part and left out the back part. I rolled up the sleeves for a more casual look.

purple glitter shawl | jalan tar
white slit pocket dress shirt | milktee
floral black pants | h&m
'sky' blush pink peep toe | melissa
gold watch | klaus kobec

I absolutely in love with both of these tops. I am all about comfort and Milktee surely delivers that. I can't wait to experiment more on how to style up this tops. If you love simple and trendy designs, don't forget to check out Milktee's website. Their price range is affordable! Another reason why I like them! ^_^ Happy shopping girls! :)

*Photographed by Cinta Julia
*Edited by Sabby

For more information on Milktee, please visit :

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  1. Super love the last picture. Makes me feel like you're at the highlands or something <3

  2. I love the first tee and the second pants, hehe!

  3. i love the cotton white blouse! firsg because I am now looking for that, second it look awesome on you



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