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Assalamualaikum and hello love. Today I want to share with all of my lovely readers about a skincare range by BelleWave. If you haven't heard of BelleWave before, it is a skincare brand from Switzerland that has been in the market for 15 years! BelleWave is exclusively used in facial salons and I remembered one of my friend told me that the facial salon she goes to uses this BelleWave products too! Belle Wave products does not contain mineral oil and it is botanical based so if you are looking for a nature-based products, this brand might be the one for you. And the selling point for me is that their products are not tested on animals, yeah! 

Since I have dry and combination skin, I was sent WhiteWave range as it is more suitable for my skin type. WhiteWave range focus on skin renewal as it helps to brightened up our complexion and lighter skin progressively by reducing melanin reserves so a prolonged whitening effect is attained. These high hquality ingredients won't harm the epidermis or skin's natural pH balance. There are 5 products in total and I am going to review each one of them. I have been using these products for the past 3 weeks and from my own experience, I think it does a pretty good job to my skin. :) There are 5 products in total and I am going to review each one of them. So let's get started, shall we? ^_^

Weight / Size : 200ml
Price : RM168

WhiteWave Gentle Cleansing Milk is the first step in my skincare routine. As known cleansing milk helps to remove makeup and any impurities that we have on our skin due to the polluted environment. It gives immediate boost of suppleness, smoothness and clarity at the same time. Mulberry Root Extract has a ligthening and unifying action on skin that gives glow to the complexion. It also contains Vitamin C where it can help in reducing dark spots, stimulate and reduce the appearance of fines lines.This cleansing milk is also rich in anti-oxidant and moisturising. properties.  

I will use WhiteWave Gentle Cleansing Milk every morning and evening. Even though I don't wear make up during my bedtime, I like the idea of double cleansing to make sure my yesterday's makeup is completely removed. I used one pump and massage the cleansing milk all over my face. I treat this step as my face massage time. After that I will soak my cotton pad in water, squeeze out the water and gently remove the cleansing milk from my face. 1 cotton pad is enough in the morning and 2 cotton pads needed in the evening to remove my make up. I really think this cleansing milk does a good job in removing my makeup and any impurities because when I double cleanse the next morning, I could not see any traces of make up. I like the mild floral scent because it is not to over powering. The texture is quite runny which makes it easier to massage it into my skin. My skin feels clean after using WhiteWave Gentle Cleansing Milk. But just a heads up, don't get it into your eyes, you might end up crying. *hahaha*

Weight / Size : 200ml
Price : RM168

Next step is the cleanser. WhiteWave Gentle Cleanser is a cleansing gel that cleanse out the face without leaving that dry and tight feeling. Rich anti-oxidant that can be found in Mulberry Root Extract prevent the formation of wrinkles and slow down the ageing process. Carica (Papaya) Fruit Extract is known to dramatically improve tone and texture of skin. It increases better blood circulation, resulting in vibrant complexion. The Gentle Cleansing Agent helps to remove any left over makeup and impurities that is left behind. I use one half a pump as I find 1 whole pump is a bit too much. I rub the gel textured cleanser between my palms and began to massage my skin starting from my chin up to my forehead. After a minute of massaging, I rinse it off with water and pat dry my skin. I feel fresh and cleaner after rinsing it off and I do not experience that tight and dry feeling afterwards. It has sort of the same scent as the cleansing milk which is fine with me.

Weight / Size : 200ml
Price : RM168

The 3rd step is to use WhiteWave Refreshing Lotion. This lotion, or I would prefer calling it a toner, promotes the ligthening of the complexion while completing the everyday cleansing routine. I know most people skip this step because they feel it's not important. But honestly it is important because toner will help to close down your open pores and keeps the surface of the epidermis free of dead skin cells. Witch Hazel Extract in this toner acts as anti inflammatory, anti microbial and anti oxidant properties.  While the Panthenol delivers moisture into skin and retain hydration, healing of skin tissue and spurs cell regeneration. Since this is a liquid, I would use 2 pumps on a cotton pad. I would mix the refreshing lotion with Comedone Repair Activist since both of them are in the same consistency. I absolutely love the fresh feeling I get from the refreshing lotion. My face is suddenly refreshed, uplifted and the cooling effect is amazing!!

Weight / Size : 12ml
Price : RM168

Comedone Repair Activist is a treatment for comedones or better known as blackheads and whiteheads. It's unique formula allows it's user to have clean and tight pores by just doing it at home. Lets take a look at the ingredients to have a better understanding of the benefits of this product :

Salicylic Acid : 
An effective keratolitic agent that favors exfoliation and thus improves the appearance and feel of skin.

Calendula Extract : 
Contains calming, softening and moisturizing virtues.

Camomile Extract :
Has calming, moisturizing and tissue repairing properties.

Burdock Root Extract : 
Purifies skin, thus reducing the formation of whiteheads, blackheads and spots. Tightens pores and calms the epidermis.

Biological Equilibrating Agent 
Helps balance cutaneous disorders typical of oily and problem skins.

Tomato Juice : 
A special botanical juice prepared from carefully selected fresh tomatoes. It helps improve skin grain thanks to its astringent effect and provides good calming, refreshing and exfoliating properties. 

I would use Comedone Repair Activist together with WhiteWave Refreshing Lotion because it is easier that way. This serum has a very interesting scent, that's why I much prefer to use it with the refreshing lotion. :D  I use 2 pumps of the refreshing lotion and 2 or 3 drops of Comedone Repair Activist on a cotton pad. What I noticed after using this combination is that my skin feels fresher and instantly uplifted. I love how supple and smooth my skin has been! As for the blackhead and whitehead result, I thin I might to keep on using to see the result because for me the result is minimal. 

After serum, I would continue with my daily moisturiser and eye cream. :)

Weight / Size : 35ml
Price : RM168

We need to protect our skin from the harmful sun so this is where Sunwave UV Block comes to the rescue. It helps to prevent premature ageing and skin damage from free radicals generated by UV rays and environmental pollution. Strengthened with spectacular ingredients to ensure the skin is protected! There's an ingredient calls Detoxilene which is a purifying complex that activates drainage, reduces tissue clogging and favours the purification of tissues. I love that this sunblock is non-greasy. The texture is quite thick and I only need a small amount for the entire face. It sort of makes a good base for my makeup too!

Here's a look of before and after 3 weeks of using WhiteWave range by Belle Wave! ^_^

I'm not sure if you can tell the difference or not but from my 3 weeks of usage, the whole range makes my skin feels fresh, clean, smooth and supple! I am not kidding you that people have been complementing how good my skin is. I really think it gives me the 'glow' that I needed. :) So are you tempted to try out these products from Belle Wave? :)

Good news lovelies, BelleWave is currently having a promotion where you can purchase 3 of their products, whether the WhiteWave range or ClearWave range for only RM198!! Yes, the total of 3 products would cost you RM504 darling so please don't missed out the opportunity! :)

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