SPOTLIGHT IPC Grand Opening tomorrow!

Assalamualaikum and hello love! :) Do you know a new SPOTLIGHT store is now within Damansara area? Yes, those who are living in that area, you can now visit SPOTLIGHT at Ikano Power Shopping Centre! This is their second store, prior to the first outlet which is located in Ampang Point (closer to my place anyway). But this new store is definitely bigger and trust me, you'll be a happy camper if you are into home stuff, craft, dress-making and such. Well if you haven't heard of SPOTLIGHT before, it is a an ultimate pit-stop for those who wants to buy goods and products from the categories of Home Furnishing, Bedding, Home Decor, Dress and Fashion Fabrics, Craft & Hobby, Party essentials and so much more. I'm not gonna lie when I went in there, I went straight to the cookware and baking section because you I love to cook and bake! :D

Let's take a tour of the whole store shall we? The store is so spacious with 2000 square meters of retail space. Seriously you will need at least one good hour  (or more) to go through everything!

Party essentials!
Need to bake a cake? You can get all the utensils here!

You can customised your own curtain as SPOTLIGHT provides that service. If your total customised curtain is more than RM1000, you can get free transportation and installation! YEAY!

Now cookware has to be my favourite category! :D

I want them all!!!

So make sure to make time to go to SPOTLIGHT  IPC (Ikano) grand opening on 14th March 2015 at 10 a.m. which is TOMORROW so you can grab awesome deals such as :

~ Brother AS1430S Sewing Machine (RM439 each)
~ 30% off all sheets
~ 25% off all kids Bed Linen & Accessories
~ 40% off all towels
~ 30% off all furnishing fabrics
~ Save RM100 on the 'Fabi' Cutting Machine Starter Kit (now RM329)
~ 20% to 50% off all Yarns
~ 30% off beading

And so much more! :) But if you can't make it tomorrow, don't worry as the sale will continue until 24th of March! ^_^

Oh and since March is the National Craft Month Celebration, visit SPOTLIGHT  Ampang Point outlet as 3 mini festivals will take place celebrating the essential elements of craft :

Art & Craft Fest   - 28th Feb until 1st March 2015
Sew & Quilt Fest  - 7th until 8t March 2015
Scrap Fest             - 28th until 29th March 2015

Don't miss out the special deals tomorrow okay? Happy shopping everybody! ^_^

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  1. Bestnya... boleh berjam-jam masuk dalam sana! :D

  2. Hey can u also tell me from whom u got ur website designed??/ I am looking for somebody for some corrections !!
    love, kanchan



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