Waxing it off at STRIP, Ministry of Waxing!

Assalamualaikum and hello my love. Today I want to share my waxing experience at STRIP Malaysia's 7th outlet which is located in Mid Valley. I have not tried any of STRIP's services before and I am excited to discover new waxing experience. Strip has been around in Malaysia for so long and to be honest, STRIP is the first waxing place that comes to mind because they have their own followers and they are famous. You can click HERE for more information on STRIP

Lets admit girls, sometimes we get too occupied and too busy to take care of ourselves. Especially in removing our body hair. Yes we can do it at home by shaving and waxing ourselves but trust me the feeling is different when you let someone does the work for you. I think shaving is the quickest and easiest way of removing hair but lets face face it. By the 3rd day, the hair will reappear and you have to do it all over again. Besides, your new hair will coarse and dry, trust me! So when I went to STRIP a few weeks back, I decided to get my whole leg hair and my underarm hair removed. STRIP in Mid Valley is located at the top floor, next to Daiso. It's the same level as the movie theater but you have to walk to the other end. I freaking love the area because it is cosy and quiet. I guess the perfect location to have a pampering day. Let's take a tour of the new outlet, shall we? :)

Waiting area 1
Waiting Area 2
Walkway to the waxing room. I think there are about 5 or 6 rooms here, I can't recall.
The rooms are spacious enough for a person. Lighting is good and there's also a wardrobe for patron to hang their clothes and keep their stuff.

The first treatment I did was removing my underarm hair. I heard some people say it hurts but I don't think it's going to be that painful as I have done Brazilian wax before. :D So the wax therapist used Chocolate Berry Wax on my underarm. 

Chocolate Berry Wax is a chocolate and berry scented hardwax that is suitable to use on sensitive areas such as the Brazilian, Boyzilian and Underarm waxing. This wax is so smooth that it can be spread thinly and evenly, allowing it to dry very quickly and prevents the discomfort when tugging the hair strands. It is extremely pliable and is a able to remove hair as short as 1mm. This is the kind of wax that you spread on your skin and pull off the wax itself without using any cloth. To be honest, it does not hurt at all! Trust me, if you think you might cry over this, you are just kidding yourself. The entire process took about 15 - 20 minutes for both underarm. My underarm is super smooth and I really love the feeling of hairless under there. *hahaha* It's already the 2nd week after the waxing and my hair just started growing back and the new hair is fine and definitely not coarse at all. So I guess getting your underarm waxed once a month is a good idea, don't you think so? :) The price for Underarm Wax is RM38.

The second treatment I had was to removed my full leg hair. Come on girls, I don't want to feel like a man. Yes nobody is going to see my leg but I'm doing it for my husband. *hahahah* :P Jokes aside but yeah, I don't want to be hairy okay?  So for my legs, the wax therapist used Lavender Wax on my skin.

Lavender Wax is a soft wax that is great for larger body parts such as Legs and Arms, to help make the process much faster. This was does not harden and a piece of STRIP cloth is required to remove the hair. During the process of applying the soft wax, the wax therapist used this tool to apply the wax on my skin. I'm not sure what's the name of the tool but I guess it is designed to allow the right amount of wax to be applied on the skin. 

This is the tool used. Sorry I don' know the name! :D

The waxing process was so smooth and I had no idea that it has ended because I was having so much fun chatting with the wax therapist. She constantly asked me whether the wax temperature is okay, whether it's too hot. Love the fact she asked whether I'm okay or not. To be honest, whole leg waxing is nothing. Not painful at all! Okay so maybe my pain tolerance is different to anyone else. But seriously it does not hurt. Like I said earlier, I had waxed it off for almost 2 weeks already and I only see a few bits here and there of my new hair. I believe this going to last me at least a month! I would say go for this treatment if you have been shaving your legs your whole life. You will never go back to shaving your legs, seriously. Full Leg Wax (Exclude Bikini Lines) is priced at RM95.

Remember to take care of your waxed skin within the 24 hours of waxing. Here's are the Do's and Don'ts!

~ No hot baths
~ No swimming/sunbathing
~ No heat/UV treatments
~ No tight clothing,
~ No perfumed products on the waxed part
~ No touching, scrubbing or rubbing the area
~ No intensive exercise

You can also get Post Treatment products from STRIP for better care of your skin :

Ice Cream (RM98)
~ Formulated to soothe irritated skin. Containing Menthyl Lactate, a derivative of menthol cools and smoothes the affected area while Menthysilanol reduces scarring and repairs damaged tissues.Also contains moisturizing properties which help to hydrate and soften the skin.

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Scrub (RM115)
~ Scrub after 4 -7 days of waxing to maintain healthy, smooth and moisturise skin. 

Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer (RM138)
~ Keep your skin well moisturized and supple by applying body moisturiser.

Ingrown Hair Cream  (RM98)
~ Helps to eliminate ingrown hair concerns. Contains Vitamin B5 and E to promote skin repair while botanical s of allantoin and chamomile soothe and calm itchiness and irritation.

Don't forget to check their special offers and currently they are having 30% off on ONE WAXING SERVICE. All you need to do is follow them on their instagram @stripmalaysia 

I had a wonderful experience in STRIP Mid Valley, the wax therapist is so lovely (sorry I don't remember your name T_T) and also thanks to Paulin and Eileen for the opportunity. I will definitely come back for a second visit. :) You girls should check out the Mid Valley outlet, I love the place!

Lot T062, 3rd Floor Mezzanine
Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran SYed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-22835575 /5579
Operating Hours : 10 am - 10pm (Mon - Sun)

For more information on STRIP, please visit :

STRIP Official Website : http://www.strip-my.com
STRIP Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/StripKL
STRIP Instagram : @stripmalaysia 

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