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Eyes are the window to the soul. *Really?* Well, I think it's true as when I first meet people, I usually would like to make eye contact first. Eyes are the most beautiful part of a person because you can actually tell how a person is feeling that exact moment. I ain't a psychic but there are times I can tell whether the person is having a good day or a bad day. Speaking of eyes, do you have eyesight problem? Most people I know have eyesight problems and if you don't have it, you are so damn lucky! I would give anything regain my perfect vision. I wear contact lenses and glasses whenever I'm driving, going outside of the house and even watching television. Even though my eyesight power is only 1.50, it still does annoy me and if I can skip the contact lenses, I would be so happy. 

When I first heard about TRIGOLD EYECARE from Legacy Secret, I was excited because finally I found a solution to improve my vision without having to eat lotsa veggies (especially carrot). I'm not against veggies but carrot is definitely not my favourite. TRIGOLD EYECARE is a healthy drink specifically formulated to increase the health condition of our eyes. It is said to help in improving eyesight, protect the eyes from sun damages, helps in reducing astigmatism and apparently can help in reducing undereye dark circles.

The ingredients listed in TRIGOLD  are :

To protect eyesight, private eyes cataract and strengthen retina.

Overcome the interference from our blood vessel and eye problems because of the antioxidant in the extract.

Act as antioxidant and contains Vitamin E

Brightened up the eyes, strengthened immunity, improve digestion and stabilise metabolism.

Reduce undereye dark circle

Broccoli contains Vitamin A, B, C, K and mineral such as iron and calcium to protect eyes health.

Improve eyesight problems

Improve eyes health condition

The texture is jelly-like, taste more towards berry fruits. It's pretty nice actually.

It is recommended to take 1 tbsp, twice a day after meal for best result. If your eyesight problem is higher, you can actually increase the intake to 4 tbsp a day. One bottle can last about 2 weeks (10-12 days) depending on your day intake.  TRIGOLD EYECARE is suitable for pregnant women, and breastfeeding mommies as the ingredients are fruits and herbs based only. 

Based of my experience after consuming TRIGOLD EYECARE for 10 days, I can conclude 2 obvious positive feedback. My eyes are always red and irritated because I am a contact lens user. Especially my right eyes, it can get very itchy, red and sometimes watery too. I noticed a big difference on my right eyes because it does not get itchy if I wear my contact lens for a longer period of time. There is still redness but the itchiness is gone I'm so happy about that. As I mentioned earlier, I always wear my glasses when I am watching television. These several days I have been trying NOT TO wear my glasses when I watch television because in a way I want to train my eyes and see if there's any difference. I actually feel comfortable not using my glasses. I'm not saying my vision is perfected but it's weird that I am actually feel okay and fine without my glasses. I don't think my eyesight power has dropped off tremendously but hey if this is a starting point for a better vision, I am definitely in! I guess in a way I have to train my eyes to be more focus and not solely depends on TRIGOLD EYECARE because it has to go both ways, a good product and self-motivation to have better vision. I don't know whether my eyes are brighter and more sparkling than ever, I have to ask my husband about that *hehehe*. As far as my undereye dark circle, I am not seeing any results. Maybe I need to try another bottle. :D 

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Make sure to buy the ORIGINAL TRIGOLD EYECARE!

TRIGOLD EYECARE  is priced at :
1 bottle   = RM45 (WM) and RM49 (EM) *exclude postage
3 bottles = RM135 (WM) and RM140 (WM) *exclude postage

PROMOTION : 3 bottles = RM120 (WM) and RM130 (EM)

You can purchase TRIGOLD EYECARE at : https://www.facebook.com/Trigoldbeuaty

TRIGOLD EYECARE will be available in 'jamu' or traditional health kiosk starting end of this March so keep a look out for that okay?

TRIGOLD EYECARE Official website : http://trigold.com.my

Don't forget to follow TRIGOLD EYECARE on Instagram : @ubatmata

If you are looking for a product to improve your eyesight, give TRIGOLD EYECARE a shot, who knows it might work on you as it does gives me quite a good result to my eyes. ^_^

Thanks for reading and good luck! :)

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  1. i need to get a new prescription for my glasses and i just gotten the current one last year.
    i guess its the downside of my job.
    maybe i should try this. :)

  2. Ya maybe i should try this to, tq for a good sharing dear



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