Madam Kwan's 'It Takes Two To Twist!'

Assalamualaikum and hello love. Today we are going to talk about some good food at Madam Kwan's! But before we get into the yummy food, I want to refresh your memories about my Madam Kwan's post that I did early last year. Previously, Madam Kwan's had the 'Get Together With Madam Kwan's' where the winning contestant's recipe was featured for a certain period of time in Madam Kwan's menu. This year, Madam Kwan's focused on designing a new beverage that ultimately that drink will be featured in Madam Kwan's review. Want to know what's the winning beverage?

This is 'The Yellow Trio' is created by Wong Jun Ho which comprises of 3 layers of goodness! Starting from below, the drink consists of sago, mango, banana, pineapple and topped it off with vanilla ice cream. The sago adds a lovely texture to the drinks. I felt like I was drinking my morning smoothies with sago and ice cream. I must say the combination makes more of a dessert. If you want to try it out, make sure to head on to Madam Kwan's as the menu is only available for a limited time only. 

Top : 1st Prize winner - Wong Jun Ho, Consolation Prize winner - Anne Hoo
Bottom : Consolation Prize winner - Ibrahim , Shamila Thamuthran

Besides 'The Yellow Trio', Madam Kwan's also introduced a new drink called Lychee Mojito which is super refreshing! It is a fizzy drink that has mint as well lychee in it, definitely my favourite! Madam Kwan's has a new promotion which is 'It Takes Two To Twist' where last year's winning dishes are reintroduced in the menu! The Otak-Otak Fried Rice and Petai Fried Rice is now available to order, alongside Madam Kwan's specialty dish which is the Curry Chicken and this year's winner 'The Yellow Trio' drink and Madam Kwan's own concoction 'Lychee Mojito'! If you want to try out all of these dishes and beverages, you must visit Madam Kwan's as soon as possible as the promotion is only from March until June 2015! :)

Otak-Otak Fried Rice
Petai Fried Rice
Curry Chicken

During the prize giving ceremony, we were also had a major feast where we were served Madam Kwan's corporate package meal which is priced at RM600++. The packaged meal starts at RM400++ and can go up toRM800++. The package includes a wide variety of food and you can expect the Malaysian's staples such as rice with seafood, fish, vegetables, meal platters and desserts. Let's take a look what are the meals included in the RM600++ package.

Malaysian Platter
Curry Fish Head

or you can choose Assam Fish Head
Stir Fried Beef with Spring Onions

This is my favourite, yummy!

Assam Sotong

Asparagus with Lily Bulb and Cashew Nut Flakes

Stir Fried Ming Prawns with Superior Soya Sauce

Another 2 main dishes include Sweet & Sour Chicken and Belacan Mix Vegetables. Of course the package comes with steamed white rice or coconut rice.

As for desserts, you can have the choice of Ice Campur or Cendol and also a platter of fresh fruits.  :) So what do you think? The RM600++ spent for 10 pax is definitely worth it as there's a lot of food! Seriously I don't think you can finish it all . :D Pay a visit to Madam Kwan's to experience good food, good ambiance and good service!

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Gotta have a photo with the adorable Madam Kwan's herself! :)

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