FASHION | Eid 2015 : 1st Day OOTD

Assalamualaikum and selamat hari raya my lovely readers! I am back after the long holiday. *hahaha* I apologized for not posting any blog posts, I was just in the mood for raya and as this is my first time celebrating Eid with my husband's family. It was a family affair since day one until day 4, no kidding! Being pregnant is challenging because I can't help out as much as I tend to get tired easily by standing too long, or even dizziness. Nevertheless I had a good time so far! :) I thought I would begin my post with Eid/Raya related. I want to share with all of you my outfit for the first day of Raya. I bought this beautiful Aleeyah Jubah by Hana Bella KL in Modvier, Bangsar.  The reason I was drawn to this dress is because of the pleated part on the front. I know this will be beneficial for my growing tummy. *ahahah* And of course, I gotta love the soft lace detailing, it is just too romantic. The pastel pink and purple compliments each other, perfect.


The beaded shawl is also from Hana Bella KL, it matches the dress beautifully. Honestly I don't have to do much effort in styling out this outfit. A friend of mine wanted me to do a hijab tutorial of this shawl, would you like to see it too? :)

I kept my accessories minimal that day, just my engagement and wedding ring and also my Ted Baker watch. :)

Beaded shawl | Hana Bella KL / Modvier
Aleeyah Jubah | Hana Bella KL / Modvier
Watch | Ted Baker
Flats | Jelly Bunny (Flex Range)

Keep a look out for my next Raya/Eid OOTD post, till then! :)

Thanks for reading love! ^_^

Till then,



  1. comelnya baby bump. pandai pilih outfit. sape cakap pregnant takleh cantik, Hehehehe Selamat Hari Raya Sabby :)

    1. hehe thank u iday. Selamat hari raya jugak! :)

  2. Selamat Hari Raya babe! You look so gorgeous here and look at that cute baby bump!! <3

    1. Thank you caro, thanks for dropping by! :) see you soon xoxo

  3. Pregnant pun boleh melawakan..hehhe

    1. hihi betol2. nak ngn tak nak aje. tgk mood!. ahahah



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