HEART TO HEART | To share or not to share?

Assalamualaikum and hello.

It has been a while since my last heart to heart series. Aihhh, what's new right? I've been busy with my personal life and this pregnancy is definitely taking away my energy. I have not been attending many events lately because I am simply tired and lazy all the time. And yes, I am busy packing up as I will be moving in to a new place next week, FINALLY! Urgh! The house is not complete yet, but the kitchen is almost done, the bedroom is done, my makeup room is nowhere nearly done (lol) and my baking room is empty too (lol) but I just want to move in by next week. The most important part is the kitchen is almost done and the bedroom is done so I'm happy about that. We are moving in slowly as I need my husband to help me out of course. I can't bend (so sad) due to my growing tummy and there's a lot of things I can't do because I need to limit my movement to ensure my baby is doing good in the tummy. My husband has been a champion, an all-rounder for helping me around the house. Love you Bubu, you are the best! :D

Anyway, going back to the topic that I want to discuss today. Is sharing on social media is a good thing? What is your take on that? I personally love seeing my friends uploading happy news, photos or whatever in their feeds, I am happy for them. But I've seen people sharing quotes such as :

"Do not share about your love life because there are someone out there does not have what you have"
"Do not share what you eat because there are people who are starving out there"
"Do not share that you are pregnant because there are people who are struggling to have children"
"Do not share about your loving parents and family because there are people who doesn't even have a family"

To be honest, I think these quotes are rubbish. Seriously, if you look at it from a POSITIVE thinking, you will never be threatened or jealous about whatever people have. YOU as a friend should be happy for your friends and not thinking NEGATIVE. I just don't get it why people get so uptight about this 'sharing', well it is social media, am I right? If you can't deal with it, UNFOLLOW, MUTE or HIDE their news feed, as easy as that. But of course, we have to know the limits when sharing. DO NOT overly exposed your life and DO NOT upload 10 photos in a straight hours, that can get pretty annoying as well. You just have to know to balance it out. 

I have a lot of people asking me to do blog posts on my pregnancy. I directly told them that I don't think I want to do it because I don't want rub people on the wrong way. It's crazy that I have to think about other people, meaning 'pleasing people'  and caring so much about what people think. But I personally don't want to share so much because I want to keep it private. Maybe there will be 2 - 3 blog posts about my pregnancy in the future, when my due date is almost approaching. I don't know, lets see how it goes okay? :D

I just hope the society can be more open-minded, positive thinking and generally just be happy with whatever they see on the social medias. There is no point bashing other people's lives and down-grading them. Diorang kacau hidup kau ke? And one more thing, you could be sharing things that might offend other people as well, have you ever thought about that? Walk the talk, that's all I need to say.

Okay that's all for today. *hahahaha* NO NO NO I'm not upset with anybody, I just feel that I need to point it out because this 'terasa & sentap' feeling when people share about their lives is childish. :D Bye guys, see you in my next post! :)

Thanks for reading love! ^_^

Till then,



  1. true, i strongly disagree with the quote too. its like tak boleh terima keadaan. i know sometimes it can be sad but come on. open your mind a bit. maybe someone is sharing about their love one example husband. he is a great husband yada yada yada. but then there is this one person who rasa macam you should not share it sebab dia susah cari jodoh. in other way feel a bit jealous. but hey. who knows. she might have a great husband but maybe she had a very bad family problem. but the person who is belum dpt jodoh lagi, have a great parents who provide anything for her. her self also share about how great her parent is. does the girl who have a great husband should feel jealous? not right. it means Allah give happiness to each people differently. there is not way you need to feel bad/jealous. we all need to be positively and just be happy to others different type of blessing and try to look at apa pulak blessing kita dpt. it might not be the same but it is still a blessing.

    keep on sharing and spread the positive vibe all out! love you!

  2. Funny thing is, it's your FB and your friends. It's not like starving homeless childless people are looking at your profile and going, "Oh, I am so hurt!!! She is pregnant and I'm not!!!" You are sharing with your FB friends... None of anybody else's business. But I do agree, just for the sake of staying away from the pedophiles, that pictures of your children should be restricted sharing...

  3. Hahaha I know right! If everything also cannot share, Facebook nak buat apa? To share quotes? Hahaha sabar jer la

  4. ye lah wpon ahkakkk sentap dek tgk update kawen nikah rakan2 sebaya ahkakk HAHAHHA tp im happy for them =;) so its ok lah bile i kawen nnt PON I NAK UPDATE juga kn hahahha so its fair n square lah..hehe makes like simpler lah xyah complicated LECEH! i menci! org yg quote tuh hmmmm berpikiran negatif kot, haha i pon agree..

  5. I definitely disagree with all the quotes started with DON'T!!! The first word already represent negativity and it is truly not inspiring at all.
    How about started with DO and let the POSITIVITY flows in our minds.
    People might have one thing that you can't afford or unable to have but it is not a reason for them to pleasing you and not sharing with other people who are happy for them.
    Can we just one second appreciate what we have, just say 'Alhamdulillah' and be happy for other people? Urgghhhh I can't stand these kind of people.

  6. hah , i couldn't understand at all why our society is quite negative and always close their mind to something. maybe they are over protective ? i don't know . but alhamdulillah , only quite a smaller portion think negatively and always spread the hatred.

    Anyway , semoga dijauhkan dari sikap mcm tu , I do do love reading pregnancy diary, you can share it if you want Kak Sab. care less abt other's opinion. Don't be stress ya~muah muah

  7. Tahu tk pe kak sab, jgnla ada FB jgn ada semua laman sosial kalau nk elak smua bnda tu. ada nya laman sosial is to share apa2 sahaja.



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