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Assalamualaikum and hello. 

I remember the first time I used a Gucci perfume when I was in the university. It was the Gucci Envy. Oh how much I love that scent to the extend I used it for straight 3 years without changing to any  other fragrance. Then comes the Gucci Premiere, well you took my breath away as well. I must say Gucci has been one of my favourite perfume brand of all time because most of their scents are sexy, sophisticated and fresh at the same time. The new fragrance, Gucci Bamboo is no difference. Slender and elegant,  confident and poise. Just like bamboo, she's adaptable like a chameleon, adapting to any conditions of her surrounding. 

I can immediately sense the warmth and exotic feel of this fragrance. Deep Sandalwood, heady Tahitian Vanilla and unique grey Amber accords mixes well with the femininity of the floral notes of Casablanca Lily, feminine Orange Blossom and delicate Ylang Ylang

The ever gorgeous Gal Gadot is the face of Gucci Bamboo. Feminine, a woman of strength and extremely beautiful.

The fragrance bottle is simply stunning. It is a visual statement that is boldly cut art deco, diamond-style glass facets are juxtaposed against the curved, feminine cap and the pale blush scent inside. The cap resembles a bamboo that is contours in polished silver metal. I think the packaging is beautiful. It's simple, classic and modern at the same time. I love the scent as it exudes sophistication and freshness. The Gucci Bamboo is not overwhelming at all and it is suitable during the day for a casual day out and even at night for the perfect date day. Love it!

 Price Listing 
Gucci Bamboo EDP 30 ml | RM260
Gucci Bamboo EDP 50 ml | RM361
Gucci Bamboo EDP 75 ml | RM463

Try out this perfume if you happened to come across in any departmental stores or any perfume stores. It's already launched in July so keep a look out! :)

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