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I've heard so much of Batiste Dry Shampoo since I've become a YouTube watcher. Like seriously, most videos I watched back then, the beauty gurus would always include Batiste Dry Shampoo in their favourites videos. Back then, this brand is not available in Malaysia so I have been using other brands. So when my blogger friends started posting photos on instagram saying that they found it a supermarket, I was like, FINALLY! I was just about the purchase a can of the dry shampoo, I was lucky enough to receive a mini Batiste Dry Shampoo (50ml) Trial pack by Health Hub to try 'em out! The trial pack includes 3 cans and each of the can is 50ml in size. The 3 scents included in the pack is the Original, Blush and Cherry. 

Original - Clean & Fresh
Blush - Floral & Fruity
Cherry - Fruity & Cheeky

Of all the 3 scents, I prefer the Original and Cherry scent because they are not too overwhelming. The scent is just nice and it does not linger for long. Blush is too strong for my liking because the scent stays quite long on my hair. 

You have to shake the can vigorously before spraying onto your hair to ensure that the ingredients in the can mixed well. The white powder is designed to absorb the excess oil at the root of our hair and makes our hair lively again! This is ideal for those days when you don't want to wash your hair. I myself wash my hair every 2 or 3 days because I don't want to dry out my hair. I love the volumizing effect  it gives my hair and I really appreciate the non-greasy feeling. All you need to do is to section your hair. I usually divided my hair into 3 sections. Spray the shampoo about 2 cm from your hair, then really massage it into your hair. Brush your hair out and you will have a bouncy, non-greasy and good-smelling hair. This is  a total life saver for me on those days when I need to go out and I don't have to the time to wash my hair. I wear a hijab every single day so I definitely want my hair to be smelling good whenever I meet people. But remember that this is not a replacement of your shampoo routine, this is just an alternative between those days you don't want to wash your hair. Always wash your hair thoroughly after using the dry shampoo because you don't want to clog your hair roots right?

Good news to all of my readers! I just check out The Health Hub website and they are having a sale right now. For this mini Batiste Dry Shampoo trial pack of 3 , you only need to pay RM39.90 instead of RM50.70! This is such a great deal if you have not try out the dry shampoo. Or you can even buy the mini size (50ml) at RM14.90 instead of RM16.90. The full size (200ml) is now RM27.90 instead of RM39.90. For more info, click to THIS LINK! :)

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  1. I only tried the Cherry and love it since then! I bough it in London last year. Love it very much <3

  2. Suka Cherry juga. 1st bottle Blush, nak beli Cherry masa tu dah habis. Blush bau bikin feningg...



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