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Don't forget to take photos with these cutie pies mascots! :D

Assalamualaikum and hello love. :) Can you imagine it's only about 10 days left till Raya? Weeehoooooo *jumping for joy* :D This mommy-to-be is so excited as this is the first time celebrating with the husband and of course with the baby in the tummy. :P To be honest, it's very challenging for a pregnant woman to fast 30 days, I'm really glad that I'm able to fast since day 1 (but I had to 'ponteng' one day due to my health) but hey, all is good, as long as the baby and I are healthy. Since Syawal is approaching, I bet everyone is running around mall-hopping to prepare for the celebration. I personally love going to the mall to get my Raya gears on because it's more comfortable. *hehehe* Last week I was at 1 Utama Meriahnya Syawal for a private where we got to be in a cooking demonstration with Sherson Lian, our Malaysian own 'Naked Chef' whom is known through his famous cooking show, '5 Rencah 5 Rasa'. I actually watched him on the show. *hihihi* But before we get into the cooking demonstration, let's take a look of what 1 Utama has in store for all of us for this coming Raya celebration! :D

1 Utama 'Meriahnya Syawal' opened it's doors of events and activities starting 26th of June and will end on the 20th July 2015. Their 'Makan Village' which is located at LG Oval has a wide arrange of food & beverage highlights, cooking demonstration, shopping bargains and festive promotions, entertaining Aidilfitri dance and performances, weekend bazaar, fashion sow and buka puasa fare. The decoration for this year is simply amazing, I can really feel like I'm in my Opah's house in Perak! They go all the way by having a penghulu house, retro bicycles, vespas and vintage looking knick-knacks. They even have real grass! You can obviously experience the 'lecak' on the grass! :D

Kacau dodol! :P The background is really like a kampung!
Lemang anyone? :D

Now lets take a look at the food selection they have here!

The rendang smell soooo gooood! 

My favourite, so yummy!!

Selection of Raya cookies.

You can also do a lil' bit of shopping at the 'Makan Vilage' as they have some home and kitchen stuff on promotion! . :)

I really want this!

Cookies jars anyone?

Now lets go ahead and take  a look at the live cooking demonstration by Chef Sherson Lian! Arpita, one of the Butterfly bloggers volunteered to be a part of the cooking, awesome! :)

They cooked ayam percik, ahhh smell so good! :D If you to watch other live cooking demonstrations by top Malaysian culinary masters, you can check out this listing :

28 June @ 3pm
Chef Jaafar Onn

3 July @ 4pm
Sherson Lian

5 July @ 3pm
Ili from 'Diari Mangkuk Tingkat'

11 July @ 5pm
Chef Zaidah

 12 July @ 3pm
Sherson Lian

Raya Festive activities should not be missed, here's the listings :

Aidilfitri treats to shoppers!

Make sure to head on to 1 Utama for the festive fun and also for the food and shopping! You might see me there during this weekend! :D A special shout out to The Butterfly Project for inviting me, I had fun! :)

For more information on 1 Utama, please visit :
Official Website :
Instagram : @1Utama

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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  1. Great sharing!
    For sure there will be more happening during this last 10 days.

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  2. Sabby, suka sangat dengan deco tu especially part kacau dodol and lemang. macam duk kampung betul dah. Hahaha

  3. Hi Sab.. It's my 1st time commenting here walaupun dh lama baca your blog. I just have to say congratulation on your pregnancy.. hehe.. take care



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