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Acne, blemishes, zits, pimples, well who doesn't have them?  I bet everyone has a phase where these culprits become the problem of the skin. I myself suffered from acne problem when I was in school, trust me, I had it bad, real bad. Redness, huge cystic pimples that just won't go away. But I've passed that phase (thankfully). I was on dermatologist appointment, facial and a bunch of drugstore acne prone skin products. My skin cleared up when I was in my early 20s and I have not had any 'bad' break outs. Well as you know I am currently pregnant so I do not have that 'monthly date', meaning saya tak datang bulan dah (for now). *hahaha* But now I do have those small pimples or what I call 'jerawat nasi' around my chin area and eyes due to my pregnancy hormone. Okay I'm still lucky considering I am not getting the huge red zits. *touch wood*

Krim Jerawat Datang Bulan by Hajah Ramlah is dedicated to combat any kind of acne or blemishes that appear on the skin. It doesn't really matter whether it's because of your period, basically you can use it if you have these problems on your face. The main 2 ingredients in this acne cream are Kapur and Pati Kulit Pokok Willow Putih. This cream will shrink your acne but it depends on the size and the types of acne you are suffering. I will show the picture of my tiny zits later in the blog post, so keep on reading. :D

I just gotta talk about the packaging. It's vintage and adorable! Seriously I freaking love it, it really feels like this product has been around since the young version of my grandma. Packaging is a definite on the winning side. The cream is very small, it weighs at 10 gram so you bet that you can bring this acne cream anywhere you want. Travel-friendly I must say!

The texture of the cream is light, it's not thick at all. All you need is only a little to cover the acne. This is a spot treatment and not to be applied all over your face. Before using it on your face, it is important to do a 'patch test' where you need to apply the cream at the back of your elbow and leave it for a few hours. This is to ensure that your skin is not sensitive towards the product. If you experience from itchiness, rashes and redness, completely stop using it okay? 


After one application

Anyway I have no problem with the cream so I applied the cream on this tiny zit that I have near my eyes area. It has this minty-scent to it which is pretty therapeutic to me. :D I felt a cooling and tingling sensation but it's only for a couple of seconds. It is suggested to use the cream after Isya' prayer and let it stay on until Fajr' prayer. Or roughly use it somewhere between 9 p.m. until 5.30 a.m. After that I washed it off and clean my face. Yes the zit is small but it really shrink! Maybe it will take time for huge zits, so I guess I'm gonna try this on my husband because I do notice he has this huge zit on his face. *hehe*  Furthermore the main ingredients help to reduce redness as these ingredients has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. I would suggest all of you to try this Krim Jerawat Datang Bulan because this acne cream is 100% natural, GMP certified and it's a Malaysian product! Now you have to support a Malaysian product, am I right? Each of this cream is retailed at RM60 for 10 gram. Trust me this will last you forever since you will only need a small amount each time of usage. A definitely good buy!

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  1. Hi :) always saw you in facebook, instagram, and sometimes dropped by here reading your blogpost.. but never actually post a comment, say hi or anything. So cheers on my first time approaching you hehe btw, i totally agree when you say the product's packaging looks so vintage. reminds me of my mom's 90's skincare haha

  2. zaza pun tengah pakai.. hari ni nmpk kecut skit jerawat batu zaza...



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