Heart To Heart : Pregnancy, blogging & moving

Assalamualaikum and hello.

When was my last heart to heart talk? Oh ya, I believe it was in July and it was about whether it's a good thing or a bad thing to share stuff on social medias. If you haven't read that post, go to THIS LINK and read (read the comment as well). It's refreshing to understand how others are thinking and I am definitely not alone in this! Anyway, I am not gonna talk about the issue once again but I'm just gonna fill up a lil bit on my life updates. And I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts in August, I am just not feeling it.

I turned 31 on the August 10th, I can't believe it! :D

If you noticed that I have been quite under the radar lately i.e haven't been attending a lot of blogging events. Reasons? Simply because I am exhausted and tired all the time, and I can't predict whether I'm going to be light-headed on that particular day. I actually had the experience where I almost fainted (about 4 times I think). Luckily my husband was with me at 3 of the incidents. During my early stage of pregnancy (1st and 2nd trimester), I did not suffer from morning sickness, I haven't even threw up right until now *touch wood*. I do get slight dizziness but that was it. And now, I am into my 3rd trimester (I'm 32 weeks btw and going into my 33 weeks on Thursday) and oh my gosh. I can now really feel that I am totally pregnant. I can feel that my body weight is weighing me down and makes me super slow to move around. I feel like a penguin, no kidding! I can't be smelling any funky smell because it will make me dizzy all day long. My feet has swollen up, and yes my size 4 shoes is no longer acceptable. T_T I can't even see my feet when I'm standing! *hahaha* I can't fit into most of my clothes and yeah, that's basically my life. But if I got to do this for my baby, heck ya I would do it all over again. :) My skin has been acting up, dry patches and redness everywhere. Sad times. T_T However I am trying out a skincare set for a week now and I can see quite a good result. I will share with you girls next week ya? :)

I apologized if I haven't replying to any emails regarding events invitation. Sometimes I read them and I forget to reply them. Do you know that during pregnancy, a woman's brain will shrink and it will take 6 months to regain it's size? Like seriously I am forgetful all the time, it's really annoying. T_T

This is me when I was 29 weeks. You should see my tummy now! :P

Oh and I finally moved into my new place! Woohoooo! It's not complete yet, still have a lot of home decor to do and have to buy a lot of furnitures. It is tiring but still it's fun for me! But my husband and I are not rushing into things because we are in the process of buying baby stuff so you can imagine how much money is going out. Ladies, if you are planning to have a baby, you better be financially prepared.

My beauty room/wardrobe is not complete yet. This is what I work with at the moment. There's A LOT to be done. I promise I'll show it once everything is up to my liking. That's if you want to see it! *hahaha* :P Anyway staying at own home has been wonderful. I can do what ever I want and I noticed I have been the typical stay at home mom/housewife. The question for every single day is"What am I going to cook today?" Oh my gosh seriously it is such a battle. LOL But I love cooking and baking so I am enjoying it so far. Today I cooked ayam kicap dengan madu (Soy Chicken with Honey) and it turned out pretty well. Now what am I going to cook tomorrow? :D

Okay guys that's all for now. I am actually feeling a bit dizzy and I need to lie down. Don't forget to join my birthday giveaway okay (RM100 Sephora voucher anyone? ^_^) ? The giveaway will end on 3rd September 2015 at 11.59 p.m.  Click the video below for more info! :)

Direct link to YT : https://youtu.be/evMz34efC-E
Blog post : http://www.sabbyprue.com/2015/08/giveaway-my-2015-birthday-giveaway.html

Oh and Happy Merdeka day! I just wish Malaysia will be like in it's glory years, I wish all of this political nonsense will stop. I just want Malaysia to be peaceful and all Malaysians to unite, Jangan gaduh2 ok. I LOVE MY COUNTRY MALAYSIA! :)

Thanks for reading love! ^_^ and good luck!

Till then,



  1. Assalamualaikum sabby, oh my 33 weeks already, In Shaa Allah it won't be long and may you have and easy and safe delivery. I remember going through that for both my pregnancies, but my 2nd one my tummy grew pretty big too, I guess most mom's go through that towards the end stage of pregnancies. Just be extra careful when u walk, b'coz u can't see what's in front of your feet. By the way I have the same table as u have as ur dressing table. But I got mine in black for my work space, so high 5 to that. I guess that's all for now, u take care alright.

  2. Wahh. Seronok baca ni. Hee. I'm the one yg excited right now. I wish kak Sabby stay strong and healthy. Be Happy don't stress out for something not worth. By the way, I like the vanity tuu.. I wish all the best kak. HUGSSS!



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