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Acne, blemishes, pimples... Ahhh I haven't had those for so long. Well ya the occasional blemishes during 'that' time of the month happens but technically I don't really have any problems in that area anymore. But since the pregnancy hormone kicks in, my skin has been acting up like crazy. Dry patches around my lips, dry cheeks, redness around my nose, forehead and chin. I have not been using any acne prone skin products for so long so I guess this is the right time to try out new skin care range to combat these culprits. SEQY Beauty has now a full range of skin care includes cleanser, toner, serum and day & night cream. I reviewed SEQY Beauty's cleanser, Sakura Mask and BB Cream before so if you haven't read or watch my video, you guys can click HERE!

Here is the latest skin care set from SEQY Beauty. A box of this skin care set consists of these 4 products. I think it's a great set because you have everything in the set, well you need to include eye cream and sunblock (these two are important people!). It is good size for travelling  as well. I have been carrying these set whenever I go since I first used it. This box of 4 products is only RM130, now that is a good price.  Here's are the run down of the sizes :

Cleanser - 50ml
Toner - 50ml
Serum - 30ml
Day & Night Cream - 15g

The first step of skin care routine is definitely the Cleanser. The cleanser is rich with Vitamin C and plant extract which is ideal for whitening purpose. I feel it really it does it's job to brightened up my complexion. I've reviewed the cleanser way back in April, so click HERE for the full review.

SEQY Beauty Toner is formulated with Burdock and Iris extract to control sebum. This toner contains Salicylic Acid to penetrates pores, reduce acne and prevent future breakouts. This toner works by controlling sebum secretion and reduce inflammation. This toner is so refreshing! I really like how refreshed my skin feels after applying this toner. It feels like it is double-cleansing my skin because it actually removes my excess makeup residue. It does not give any tingling sensation to my skin and I really appreciate that.

This Serum also contains Salicylic Acid which can help in reducing acne. This serum is designed to control oil production, as well as act as anti-microbial and able to prevent bacterial growth. Other ingredients include Green Tea Leaf Extract which is great to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. It is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and colorant-free. Even though it is fragrance-free, it has this calming scent, almost like aloe-scent which I really like. The serum absorbs quickly into my skin and does not leave any greasy or sticky feeling afterwards.

The idea of having the same day and night cream is somewhat appealing to me.  SEQY Beauty Day & Night Cream is formulated with different kinds of plant extracts to reduce redness and sebum control. It has this medicated-scent which surprisingly pleasant to my nose. The cooling sensation somehow reduce the redness and calm my skin.

As an overall conclusion of how I feel about the SEQY Beauty Skin Care, I'd say that I really like it. It does it's job in reducing the redness on my face. I can see a great reduction, somehow it evens out my skin tone. Tiny small bumps is also reduced, still there but definitely has gone down. The dryness around my lips and cheeks is also gone. I can tell that my skin is soft and supple. Do you know the feeling of oily and greasy after one or two hour after washing your face? I do not  experience that at all with all of these products. Will I suggest the SEQY Beauty Skin Care to other girls who suffers from acne problems? Yes, I would because it makes a difference in my skin! You girls can check out my video for more info! 

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**Disclaimer : All of the products are sent by Seqy Beauty for review purpose, however all of my review is 100% honest as always. Thank you! :)

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