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Assalamualaikum and hello.

Welcome to my first installation of Baby Talk, where I share and talk about baby stuff such as baby products, experience in being a new mom and such. Bare in mind I am not a professional nor a specialist, I am just sharing about what I love and dislikes, what Marissa's enjoys and what I experienced as a first time mom. Our opinions might not be on the same level, but remember being a parent means putting our child first. Every body has their own way of parenting so please keep the positive vibes coming in, I really appreciate that. :) And to new mommies-to-be, maybe you can check out some of these products for your babies. :)

Alrite so the first topic I am going to touch on is about Marissa's bath routine. I am blessed that Marissa has no severe allergic or skin problems (so far) and it is quite easy to get her try new products. But I always believe in putting less products on babies is the best thing a mother could do (if the baby has no sensitive skin). A simple routine is good enough because baby's skin is still soft and supple and bouncy (gerammm!) and we need to maintain and protect that. There's only 4 steps in Marissa's routine, and there's an additional steps if she has mild rashes on her cheeks. 

  1st Step  

Choosing a baby shower / shampoo could be overwhelming because there's a lot of brands out there and it can be confusing. The best bet is to find a product that suits your baby needs, example if she has sensitive and dry skin, maybe organic product is the way to go. Do some research and read reviews, you will find what you are looking for. I am currently using 2 baby wash for Marissa. I don't use both at the same time obviously. :D

The first one is Pigeon Baby Wash 2in1 with Sakura extract to nourish and sooth sensitive skin. I actually got this from the goodie kit I got from Prince Court and I continue using it because it smells so good! Refreshing and so wangi! I love it so much! It does not irritate Marissa's skin and it does makes Marissa's skin and hair soft and smooth. This body wash is Paraben free, no colouring agents and sulphates and hypoallergenic. It is totally mild and gentle, suitable for sensitive skin babies. It does foam up quite well and I only use a small amount each time, therefore it has last me 6 months already. But I am almost out of it and that is why I bought a new body wash for Marissa. I saw this size (200ml) is priced at RM15.90 at Happi Kiddo in Citta Mall (last week).

I bought Bud's Everyday Head To Toe Cleanser with Aloe Vera recently. I've heard a lot about Bud's products so I thought I would give it a go. There were about 3 or 4 variants if I'm not mistaken but I decided to get this baby wash because it is infused with Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a great soothing and calming properties. This would be good for our hot weather now because I think Marissa skin has become a bit dry and red due to this hot weather. The scent is not my favourite but it is still okay to my liking. It is a bit foamy, well it is known that organic products has less foam/bubbles. It does make Marissa's skin soft but I want to keep on using it to find out whether it can reduce the dryness on her leg. I bought this at Mothercare with the price RM34.87 for 225ml.

If I were to choose between this two, I like the Pigeon one better because of the scent. It is very calming and smells so good. But both of these body washes is good, so take your pick. :)

  2nd Step  

Nappy rashes is something that we need to avoid. Rashes and redness can be so uncomfortable for babies, because they will feel pain such as itchiness. Marissa rarely get nappy rashes, thank god. I noticed that she will get nappy rashes if we delay in changing her diapers after she poops. So basically now, I will change her diapers as soon as she's done pooping. :D When she does get nappy rashes, I use Baby Sebamed Baby Cream (Extra Soft) and it works like magic. Lets say that I discovered she has nappy rashes in the morning, then I put on this cream after her morning bath. Later in the evening when she's ready for her evening bath, the rashes are gone. Amazing! I also use this cream if she has redness around her private area. Highly recommend this if you are looking for nappy rashes cream for your babies. 

   3rd Step  

Marissa loves to be massaged. I believe massaging is a great bonding time with our babies. Marissa always smiles and giggles when I massaged her. I use Mustika Ratu Minyak Telon to massage her. I've used this oil since I was in my confinement and I love the scent. Very spa-like scent and herbal-ly! I've tried (testing) some other brands which produce Minyak Telon, but Mustika Ratu is the best smelling one. :D Minyak Telon is the combination of 3 oil, such as peppermint, eucalyptus and coconut oil. Minyak Telon serves as an ointment to comfort and soothe our baby. But the oil is not too heaty which makes it perfect to be used for massages. I also use this whenever Marissa has bloated stomach or extra wind in her body. I love this! I bought this oil at only RM10 at jamu kiosk. :)

  4th Step  

I got this Pigeon Baby Oil with Sakura extract together with the body wash. Even though this is a body oil, I use this for Marissa's hair. Marissa's hair is so so soft and so fragrant whenever she uses this. :D But I think I want to change it and get coconut oil to improve her hair growth. Any recommendation mommies out there? :D

  5th Step (Optional)  

This Atopiclair cream is prescribed by Marissa's Paediatrician when she got rashes on her cheeks. Atopiclair is a steroid free, paraben free, a scent free emollient cream that helps in restoring skin barrier, reduce itchiness and protects the skin. I use this ONLY when Marissa's has rashes on her cheeks which is about once a month or two. But with this hot weather now, sometimes her cheeks and chin gets rashes pretty much every month. :( This cream works great as the rashes will reduce/disappear in about 2 or 3 days. I paid this about RM90++ at Prince Court but I bet you can get it cheaper in pharmacies. But seriously, why do the doctor needs to prescribe a 100ml tube? This is so huge, I think I can use it for other kids as well! T_T Oh btw, due to our hot weather now, please keep this in the fridge since it needs to be stored to be below 25 degrees. 

I hope this post helps mommies, new mommies or even mommies to be to find new products for your babies. Stay tuned for my next post on my Baby Talk series. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is so helpful! Overwhelm by so many products out there and too many info in the internet world. Bila google bahasa, keluar article indon, bila google english, macam xkene pulak dengan brg2 tempatan kita. I just don't know which one to buy. Definitely will read this back again for some guidance!

    1. betul tu. banyak sgt sampai i pun confuse. takpe nanti surely you will come across something that you like. but i highly suggest to check out pigeon stuff. hehe take care babe :)

  2. Have u tried Minyak Telon Anugerah? It smells wonderful too =)

    1. Not yet, but I will after I finish this one. Thanks for the recommendation babe! :)

  3. Try Tropical Herbs Oil dari Amway. Bau pun sedap dan tak tengik :)

    1. Okay nanti i try cari. thank you so much for suggesting! :)



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