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Assalamualaikum and hello love.

Long time no see eh? :D I'm sorry for the MIA, I was so not in the mood to blog, I just needed sometime to be away from writing. I actually fell sick a few days before going off to Langkawi on the 25th of March, sore throat and flu that is. Then after coming back from Langkawi, fever caught on with me and coughing as well. Then it leads on to even worst sore throat and flu. Now I am left with dry cough (painful as hell) and sore throat. This hot weather is really testing me, I just wish this sickness would go away in a couple of days, Insyaallah.

Anyway, my mood to blog is back and today I want to share about my experience at the Jurlique My Precious Hand Blogger Workshop. When I received the invitation, I was really looking for the workshop because I have never tried anything from Jurlique before. Since Jurlique products are based on the philosophy 'Nature is the heart and soul', I know their products are definitely worth checking out because I love anything that is natural-based. All of these hand cream are actually existing products but they are relaunching it because they changed it's packaging. Now all of these hand cream is in new and recyclable packaging.

Through Jurlique research, the new and recyclable packaging :
 Reduces environmental impact by around 28% 
♥ Eliminates around 70% of wastage during production

Each year, Jurlique new and recyclable hand cream packaging will save :
♥ 1.351,000 L of water
♥ 27,3000kg of solid waste
♥ 40,500kg of carbon emissions

There are 4 scents of Jurlique hand cream that you can try. Jurlique fouder, Ulrike Klein developed these hand cream due to experiencing dry hands after the long hours working with the soil in Jurlique's farm. The first scent is the best seller, Rose Hand Cream which is enrich in Rose extract and their iconic biodynamic blend of potents farm ingredients. After the success of the Rose Hand Cream, 3 other scents are developed, they are Jasmin, Lavender and Citrus.

All of Jurlique Hand Cream is enriched with their exclusive biodynamic blend of which all the potent herbs are grown and extracted at Jurlique's farm in the Adelaide Hills.

Calendula  | Soothes and rebalances sensitive skin
Chamomile  |  Hydrates and calms dry skin and restore radiance
Daisy  |  Refreshes skin and rebalances oiliness
Pansy  |  Soothes the skin
Echinacea  |  Rebalances oiliness and soothes skin
Sweet Violet  |  Rebalances delicate skin
Marshmallow  |  Intensively hydrates and softens dry skin
Rose  |  Softens balances and restores the skin

Jurlique Hand Cream is retailed at RM103 (40ml) & RM202 (125ml)

I tried all of the hand cream and they are absolutely wonderful! I love Lavender and Citrus, they are so calming and hydrates my hands so well. Rose and Jasmine are a bit too strong for me (scent wise) but they do moisturize my hands very well. Just use a little bit for both hands because they do take some time to absorb into the skin. If you are looking for a new hand cream, give this a go, they are great!

Lavender Hand Cream
Rose Hand Cream *BEST SELLER
Citrus Hand Cream
Jasmine Hand Cream

Illy & Choy Peng

During the workshop, 2 bloggers Illy and Choy Peng shared on how they use their hands daily. yes, I know it sounds a bit too direct, but seriously sometimes we take things for granted. The fact that having a pair of hands is such a blessing and we all should be grateful and don't complain much about life. Have you ever thought about someone who does not have hand? :( So please take care of your hands, love them and be grateful! :)

Next up, we created our own terrarium! Wheee I've always wanted to do it, but I don't think I would do it on my own. LOL This is such a good experience because I am planning to plant some herbs at my home. Wish me luck!

My Rosemary and Cactus :D *As of today, my Rosemary died. HAHAHA *expected :P
  Eddie (PR), Yours Truly, Choy Peng, Illy and Yukiko 

For more information on Jurlique, please visit :

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