FASHION | OSRA x PUDORE Grand Expansion in Shah Alam

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It has been a while since we talk about fashion, and particularly about new boutique launches right? Last weekend I was invited to the grand expansion of OSRA x PUDORE on the 2nd of April in Shah Alam. 2 brands under one roof? Great! Shah Alam Section 7 is the place to shop, especially for a hijabi like me. Every year I would go there to shop for my Eid/Raya clothes. I love that are because I can find everything, from shawls, clothes and even fabrics. And 2 of my favourite restaurants are there too, so it's always a good reason to go back. :D

Anyway, I was there to check out what they have in store. I've heard of OSRA Exclusive and PUDORE before but I never own anything from them. I actually had another event that day (before going to OSRA) and oh boy I was rushing here and there. I'm sorry I looked so messy like a grease ball. T_T Okay so back to the story (typical me, always get distracted). During the grand opening, they are introducing a new dress Najwa Jubah, a collaboration with Najwa Latiff, a Malaysian singer and song writer. 

With Najwa Latiff :) *please excuse my horrible eyebag T_T*

Najwa was there too, she was so sweet and friendly and still oh-so-young! :) Najwa Jubah is a princess cut jubah that uses materials such as heavy dull satin and neo print. I love the fact that this jubah is wudhu' and nursing friendly and it has pockets! Yeay I love pockets. *hahaha* The cutting is the perfect resemblance of a modest Muslim woman. It comes in 5 colours such as Royal Grape, Midnight Blue, Champagne Gold, Ruby Red and Emerald Greed. Priced at RM159, and I must say it is so affordable and the fabric material is great. 

Other than Najwa Jubah, they also have 2 new tunics, Clarya and Camelya Tunic.

Left   |   Clarya
 Right   |   Camelya

These printed tunic is made of cotton viscose and both are nursing and wudhu' friendly. Clarya has a collar neck while Camelya has a round neck and both of them have side pockets! This would be great to pair with pants or even skirt for a more sweet look. Both of them are priced at RM79 each.

Another new arrival is OSRA's new perfume called Obsession and Proud Perfume. 

A great discount up to 70% was applicable to off season items and you bet there were a lot of people that day!

I actually wanted to get one of the cape dresses that they have, and I got one! There are 3 types of the cape dress, Jubah Tasha Manshahar Cape, Ellianor Cape and also Cassandra Cape. So which one did I get? :D I will update my OOTD on my Instagram once I got the dress altered. #shortgirlsproblem :D  

Here here, shawls lovers, you might want to take a look at these shawls, they are pretty and so many choices! ;)

Need a shawl detergent? get it here :)

Thanks Illy for helping me with my photo. *hahaha*

Thank you so much OSRA Exclusive for inviting me, I will come back for my Raya fix. I can't wait for your next collection because I am in love with your fabric material! Do go to Shah Alam and pay them a visit if you are looking for a new dress or shawls. I'm happy with my purchase! :) Oh by the way, online sale is still on-going up to 8th of April due to the grand expansion, so go the website and shop shop shop! :D

No. 19 (GF), Jalan Plumbum Q/7Q
Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam
Selangor D.E

For more information on OSRA EXCLUSIVE, please visit :


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  1. Wahhh.. Menarik tuuu.. Belum ada collection dr Osra lagi.. next time InshaaAllah..

  2. Shawl detergent, interesting.... Btw, comel je Illy photobomb kat mirror, hehe =P

  3. pandai kak illy, amik gambar dgn dia2 skali masuk dlm gambar tu .. hiihii

  4. I was here after the face shop masterclass..
    hehe.. tak perasan u ada juga.. sbb ramai sangat orang



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