MUNCHY'S Celebrates It's 25th Anniversary

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I love snacking, especially on biscuits, cookies, crackers whatever you want to call it. I will always have them in stock in my pantry because it goes well with my coffee or tea, and also my husband loves to munch on them when he watches TV or when he's hungry. One of my favourite biscuits of all time is the simple cream crackers that taste so lovely when dunk into my coffee. I've been doing that since I was in university, it continues until now. :D

I believe you've heard of the brand MUNCHY'S, Malaysia's No. 1 homegrown biscuit brand because they are a well known brand in more tha 50 countries globally. Last week I attended the MUNCHY'S 25th Anniversary celebration at Zebra Square and along that celebration, MUNCHY'S came up with it's 25th Anniversary Campaign to give back to their loyal customers. "Share The Fun" is a series of activities that have been arranged for consumers through out the campaign. 4 unique Funbots is created to resembles the process of baking these biscuits. DJ Mixer (mix the ingredients), Chop Chop (mould the dough), Michael Oven (bake) and Beat Box (packaging). 

More than 2.5 million of MUNCHY's 25th anniversary fun packs are already available where consumers can find 2 extra sachets in every MUNCHY'S, LEXUS and OAT KRUNCH packet. Where as for MUZIC, extra 25% will be given in the packets! More than 200 retail outlets are taking parts in this celebration so log on to their website to find out where they will be and join the fun activities! You may also join a contest where you can win RM500 and one year supply of MUNCHY'S  :D So log on to to find out more about the contest! 

Baking biscuits :D

When I heard how the Tan brothers first started the business and how they manage to be where they are right now, I am truly inspired and feel motivated. For a Malaysian brand to be widely available in more than 50 countries, it surely says something about the quality of the brand. :)

For more information on  MUNCHY'S 25th Anniversary Campaign, please visit : 

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