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My last post was about THEFACESHOP Beauty Workout, a day of workout and getting to know session of THEFACESHOP White Seed skincare range. If you haven't read that post, go HERE to find out more about the fun and awesome day! :) As promised, I am going to share my thoughts on THEFACESHOP White Seed range, so here we go. :) 

Just by the name itself, I bet you know that THEFACESHOP White Seed range is dedicated for whitening and brightening up the skin with White Seed Complex and 3 steps of real brightening system for a flawless and radiant looking skin. 

What are the 3 steps to a brighter skin?
#1  Revitalize skin from blemishes and spots
#2  Rejuvenate and improve skin tone with natural glow and translucent tone
#3  Enhance skin radiance for a brighter skin tone

The White Seed Complex brightening effects are 700 times more effective than natural Vitamin C due to the existence of hexylresorcinol that gives powerful brightening effect. The main 2 ingredients of the White Seed complex is inclusive of White Lupine Seed and White Daisy.

White Lupine Seed
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White Lupine Seed

 Has more niacin than other legumes hence more brightening effect
♥ Contains various antioxidant (natural tocopherol and Vitamin C) for a brighter skin tone and ant-ageing effect
♥ Rich with essential fatty acids for better nutrient penetration, moisture retention, skin soothing properties and prevention of dryness

White Daisy
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♥ Has strong effect on inhibiting melanin production
♥ Skin appears to be much brighter when applied on skin directly

We are going to take a closer look on 5 the products inclusive in the White Seed range ; the cleanser, toner, serum, lotion and pure concentrate vitamin.

Size/Weight/Volume   ||   150ml
Price   ||   RM51.83

White Seed cleanser is a gentle exfoliator cleanser with micro scrubs to remove dead skin cells and to improve blood circulation through its 3 steps of deep cleansing. The ingredients in this cleanser includes White Seed Complex (brightening), Cellulose (skin damage protection) and Micro Scrubs (skin massage, blood circulation and smoothens skin texture). Its firm and creamy foam made with fatty acid extracted from palm kernel and natural glucose gum minimize irritation due to friction while washing the face which makes it suitable for daily use. 

What I love about this cleanser, even though it has micro scrubs, it does not irritate my  skin or make my skin dry due to the scrubbing motion. I can immediately feel my skin is very clean and fresh due to the gentle exfoliation as it lifts away my old keratin and wastes. My skin feels soft and smooth instantly. I am currently using a new cleansing brush and it works so well with this cleanser. I am extremely happy with the result! All of the White Seed range products has similar, mild florals scent that is not too overpowering.

Size/Weight/Volume   ||   145ml
Price   ||   RM97.41

THEFACESHOP White Seed Brightening Toner includes ingredients such as White Seed Complex (brightening), White Willow (Brightening), Niacianamide (brightening) and Beta-glucan (moisturizing). The toner consistency is thicker than the usual toner that I came across. Most toner that I've used before are more watery and transparent. This toner has a milky white that has soft texture and absorbs quickly into the skin. It gives a fresh feel after application and it preps the skin for the next product to be applied on the skin which is the serum. Since it has a thicker texture, I like to pat in gently on my skin instead of using cotton pads. But of course, that is personal preference. I think this toner is a must after cleansing routine because it replenishes moisture into the skin through the existence of beta-glucan which has higher moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid. 

Size/Weight/Volume   ||   50ml
Price   ||   RM118.61

THEFACESHOP White Seed Brightening Serum, a brightening essence that delivers the perfect radiant skin. It is known that serum will most likely to have the most beneficial ingredients to give maximum results to the user. THEFACESHOP White Seed Brightening Serum contains HR Hexylresorcinol  that gives powerful whitening effects which is 1000 times more effective than Vitamin C. Other ingredients include White Seed Complex (brightening),  White Willow (brightening), Niacinamide (brightening), Panthenol (soothing) and Hyaluronic Acid (strengthens skin resilience and moisture). 

The texture of the serum is light and airy. It melts into the skin when applied and penetrates deeply into the skin. It does not leave any sticky or greasy residue and it gives instant glowing effect to the skin. I love the serum because it is lightweight and provides me with instant result. The brightness effect might take some time but softness and hydration are the first two things that I noticed instantly after using this serum. It absorbs quickly into the skin, always a plus point for me!

Size/Weight/Volume   ||   150ml
Price   ||   RM97.41

After serum or essence, lotion, cream or gel moisturizer in needed to amp up the hydration level. THEFACESHOP White Seed Brightening Lotion moisturize the skin with whitening properties for fairer and hydrated skin. It contains 4 main ingredients such as White Seed Complex (brightening), White Willow (brightening), Niacinamide (brightening) and v-PGA (strengthens skin resilience and moisture).

It has a lotion consistency without being sticky and greasy. It has this cooling feel to it and it absorb into the skin immediately after application. I usually massage my face during moisturizer application because it is the final step for the face (If I'm not going out, there is no need to apply a sunblock). I love the feel of the lotion on my skin because it gives instant suppleness and softness!

Size/Weight/Volume   ||   12ml
Price   ||   RM66.67

THEFACESHOP White Seed Pure Concentrate Vitamin is targeted to those who has dark spots, freckles, pigmenation, melasma, skin texture and acne scars issues. It is a powerful spot treatment whitening ampoule that contains highly concentrated pure vitamin C.  The main ingredients of this spot treatment includes Ascorbic Acid (10% vitamin C), α-Bisabolol, White Seed Complex and White Willow. What it does to your skin? It penetrates deeply into the skin and helps to reduce and ligten dark spots, pigmentation, freckles and scars with continuous usage. I am blessed that I don't have any dark spots or freckles *Alhamdulillah*, yet, but my acne scars is bugging me. I had terrible breakouts during secondary school and now I am left with acne scars on both of my cheeks. I think the scars has darken over time and I need to get it fix! I've been applying the spot treatment several times on my skin, there's a slight difference but not much. I am going to continue using and keep you girls updated on the effect.

I would suggest THEFACESHOP White Seed range if you are looking for products that can  turn your dull skin into a glowing and radiant skin. I believe with continuous usage of the whole range, it can brighten up your complexion and makes your skin healthier.  I personally love the Exfoliating Foam Cleanser and Brightening Serum, so I would suggest these two first if you feel like you want to give them a try.  :)

For more information on THEFACESHOP, please visit :

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia

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  1. hi. i just wanna know if this product is suitable for sensitive skin? :)

  2. Hi! I would like to ask about the white seed pure concentrate vitamin, how long have you been using it and does it show positive results now? thank you so much!

  3. I also used exfoliating cleanser and serum omg i like the magic effect on my face it makes u look younger now will try their emulsions anti aging.

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