Heal Your Skin With Boost Balm's Skin Barrier Cream

When we discuss the topic of primer, the one thing that usually pops in our head is the ability of the primer to keep our make up lasts all day long. Then it comes to the types of primer, whether it is for hydrating, mattifying or blurring out the pores. Whatever it is, primer is an important part of face base makeup to ensure we have a flawless looking base. But have you ever come across a primer that can heal your skin? Well, let me introduce you to Skin Barrier Cream (Pegasus Blood Edition) by Boost Balm Cosmetics.

Skin Barrier Cream (Pegasus Blood Edition) is a face primer that should be applied before putting on foundation. It helps to keep makeup last longer for more than 10 hours. It is also a blurring pores primer, which is suitable for all types of skin as the ingredients are 99% natural and silicon-free. The one thing that fascinates me about this primer is the ability to protect and heal the skin. It protects the skin through its patented technology of forming invisible mask to create a breathable layer of film on the skin. When you have a protective layer of film on your skin, any products that you apply on the skin afterwards are not going to be absorbed by the skin. Those products will stick on that protective layer and save your skin from all the harsh chemicals that can be found in makeup products as well as environmental damages (such as sun damages, polluted air and such). It is vital to understand the importance in protecting our skin because it can lead to many problems such as skin's aging, acne and blemishes due to clogged pores, rashes and so much more! Skin Barrier Cream heals the skin by rejuvenates, hydrate and give a brighter complexion to the skin. It is rich in Phytosan K, which is great to prevent premature aging and Bearberry Extract to aids in smoothing the skin for a brighter complexion. Geranium is also included as one of the ingredients to heal any sensitive bumps. 

Love that it comes with a pump!

The texture of the primer is thick but it is so easy to blend into the skin. It absorbs into the skin quickly, dries fast and does not leave any greasy feel or tackiness. You know how some primer gives you that 'glue-y' feel? This one does not do that, which I truly appreciate. I'm not so sure about the exact scent, but somehow I think it's a mixture of floral and citrusy scent. 

My skin feels hydrated after application.

You can see how the primer blurs out my pores and make my skin looks a bit radiant. Do you agree?

I created an easy everyday makeup look using Boost Balm Cosmetics Skin Barrier Cream (Pegasus Blood Edition) as my face primer and I love how my makeup turns out. I've been having hormonal blemishes and my skin has been acting up! This primer makes my skin better because it helps to smoothen out my pores and heals my blemishes as well. I've been testing this out for weeks and it does help my makeup to stay on longer without making my skin oily or greasy. I usually have my makeup on for 4-5 hour only and I am happy with the result. If you want to try this primer out, you can check out Boost Balm Cosmetics website [https://boostbalm.com] to find out more about Skin Barrier Cream (Pegasus Blood Edition) and buy it via online at RM120 only! But you can get 10% off by using my code "SABBYBAE" until end of the October 2017. 

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