COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna For Beauty Industry Players

If you are working in the beauty industry, especially if you are the business owner, then this post will be a great input to grow your business. Last week I had opportunity to discover about Cosmoprof ,  an international beauty industry trade show that will be held in Bologna, Italy on 15th to 19 March 2018. Selected media channels were invited to the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Presentation which was held for the very first time in Malaysia. Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MARTRADE) is in support to create awareness about this beauty trade, together with The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is collaborating with Bologna Fiere and Cosmetica Italia .

Cosmoprof  Worldwide Bologna is an international platform where the biggest and most important international B2B network event in the beauty community including Perfumery and Cosmetics, Professional Beauty & Spa, Hair, Nail, Green/Natural and Packaging and Contract Manufacturing. It is a global community that is made of 6600 beauty companies from 160 countries and over 360000 professionals from around the world with 70USD million dollars of total revenues in 2016. Cosmoprof has been around since 1996 (Cosmoprof Asia) and Las Vegas since 2003 (Cosmoprof North America) and in September 2018, Cosmoprof will launch Cosmoprof India preview in Mumbai. Just to make it easier for you, think of Cosmoprof as the same as Beauty Con in the US, but in Bologna Italy where you can find all these amazing beauty brands under one roof!

From left : Mr. Mattia Miglio (International Marketing Manager of Cosmoprof), Dr. Samuele Porsia (Trade Commissioner of Kuala Lumpur),  H.E Cristiano Maggipinto (Ambassador, Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur) and Mr. Abu Bakar Koyakutty (Senior Director of Lifestyle, Lifescienc & Medical Devices and Pharmeceutical Section)

By expanding and creating awareness about this beauty trade, I believe Malaysian business owners can gain have the opportunity to grow their business to international level, which is a dream for every business! This is an amazing platform to promote import export in the beauty industry in Malaysia as we can expand our homegrown brands into the European market and worldwide.

Fun fact : Italian exports of cosmetics to Malaysia amounted to EUR 8.1million in 2016, making  the SEA nation to be the 57th largest importer of Italian cosmetics! While imports of cosmetics from Malaysia reached EUR 1.6 million, with a 326% increased compared to 2015!

Mr. Mattia Miglio, International Marketing Manager of Cosmoprof
Mr. Abu Bakar, Director of Lifestyle, Lifescience & Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Section from MATRADE, 
Puan Mawarni Hassan, FMM Malaysia Cosmetics & Toiletries Industry Group (FMM-MCTIG)

Dr. Baskaran Kosthi, President, Malaysia Association of Wellness & Spa (MAWSPA)

Now, why beauty industry players must join Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna?

1. It is the leading B2B platform on the international beauty scene for industry professionals and operators.
2. The only event that gather together all sectors of the beauty industry under one roof.
3. An international hub that brings together all relevant distribution channels ; from retail market to trade professionals and digital
4. A meeting place for professionals and decisions makers to develop business, create new partnerships and keeping up to date with beauty trends.
5. To take advantage on Cosmoprof brand awareness, equity and knowledge internationally which is developed over 50 years in the beauty industry.
6. To find new market niches and new trends.
7. To build relationship with exhibitors, your prime potential suppliers/clients.
8. To meet high profile buyers from the major emerging markets.
9. To communicate with press, television and web.
10. To benefit from a strong marketing and communication plan before, during and after the events.

The 51st edition of Cosmoprof Worlwide Bologna will take place from 15th March to 19th March 2018 :

Cosmopack, Cosmoprime, Green & Organic and Country pavilions 14-16-16A-29B will open from the 15th to the 18th of March

Hairdressing & Salon, Beauty & Spa, Nailworld and Country pavilions 29A, 34-35C will open from the 16th to the 19th March

With fellow bloggers ; Innanie, Joanna, Caroline and Shivani.

I highly urge all business owners to take a look at their official website to find out more information and to understand how Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna can help to grow and expand your business to the next level. Please visit for in depth information!

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